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Developing: Verizon Tiered Data Pricing?

PC World is reporting that Verizon may follow in the foot steps of Rival AT&T; Wireless and do tiered data plan pricing. PC World spoke with Verizon CFO John Killian yesterday who (watch this phrasing) “Suggested that Verizon might move from Unlimited Data Plans to Tiered Data Plans, on 4G”

What does this really mean?

First off, Killian only suggested that Verizon MAY go to tiered data plans.
Killian also said that this would be for 4g, better known on Verizon as LTE, which is still at 10-16 months down the road.
Killian also did not say whether the Unlimited plan would go away.

At this point in time, although Killian did not rule out tiered pricing, it’s all conjecture on the interpretation of the comment to PC World’s Sara Jaccobbson.

However, as will all changes in Verizon plans, if you’re in it now or get in it before the change you will be grandfathered into the plan you are in.


Robin Nicol, Spokesperson for Verizon Wirless, responded to our query that Verizon does not comment on future pricing. She also suggested we check into where the original interview actually took place. After reviewing the story and video on all the comments that I made above seem to coincide with the interview with Mr. Killian.

The key comment in the interview is that Killian says “We will probably need to change the design of our pricing where it will not be totally unlimited, flat rate,” Just like with voice plans you can purchase minutes in a bundle or unlimited. Here, where he says …will not be totally unlimited.. to me suggests that they are not doing away with the unlimited plan but will offer tiers. When Verizon goes LTE we can naturally expect a rate increase as the service offerings would call for that

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