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Best Buy's Brian Dunn: Sprint Evo 4G Best Selling Smartphone in Best Buy History

Best Buy, the nations largest Brick and Mortar retailer of electronics in the US, held their 1st quarter or “Q1” earnings call today. Overall Best Buy’s quarter end results were less than expected.
Best Buy CEO, Brian Dunn, cited variably customer traffic in the first three months of the year. Dunn said while customers are taking cues from a broader environment, spending has improved when centered around important events, but tapers off or pauses between times.
There are three strong areas in which and the Android community would show interest.
First: Dunn anticipated that Google TV along with 3D TV offerings would boost sales in that catgory
Next: Dunn plans to ramp up offerings in the tablet arena by offering the Ipad in stores along with the variety of Android tablet offerings that are forthcoming
Finally: during the call Dunn said that the Sprint EVO 4G was the best selling smartphone for Best Buy ever. Calls to local Best Buy Big Box Mobile units as well as stand alone mall stores in Baltimore/Washington DC, New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles cited that Dunn was correct. All stating that they met or exceeded their quota of pre-release EVO sales and had a steady list of customers waiting for each and every truck arrival with the new device.
Iphone 4 which started pre-sales this week is of course going to garner a ton of interest and pre-sale customers as well but it’s important to note that the Iphone 4 is the 4th offering of the Iphone variety while Sprint with wimax partner Clearwire and hardware partner HTC, created, developed, manufactured, promoted and brought the EVO to market in under a year and generated the kind of pre-sale customer interest that likens to it’s Apple counterpart.
With very strong offerings from Motorola, Samsung and again HTC on the horizon it will be interesting to see what the customer pre-sales, post sales and general interest trends are for Android devices with each model release.

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