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Amazing 4G Summit in California

Over the past two days some of the bigger players in the 4G wireless industry converged together in the Bay Area for the World Wireless Congress’ 4G Summit.

As Willie W. Lu, PHD
, Professor at Stanford University and Panelist on several of the most influential panels on emerging technologies across the globe said, that this is more of a technology club than conference. Lu was not downplaying the conference, but more, highlighting the intimacy of this gathering of some of the biggest names in the industry on the technology side.
Even after finding out this was more of a technology conference than a “POW” Sales show (think CTIA & CES) I had to go because I knew I could learn a lot more on a closer level then some of the bigger shows. Not only that but in my “career” world I spent many years in wireless and some even with Clearwire.

Lu was right, during the conference I was able to get face time with Dr. Hung Song the VP of Global Sales & Marketing for Samsung; Masoud Olfat, who oversees Global Ecosystems and Standards for Clear; Chris Steck Head of advanced technology at Reallabs/Real networks, Mohan Sadashiva, Senior VP of Marketing for Fusion one and many more. We’re not talking hey how you doing but upclose time to dive into the topics discussed in the panels and learn as much as I could about whats around the corner and whats down the road.
The highlights of my trip to the 4G summit included a panel discussion on mobile video, Mobile network convergence and 4G Technology in business.
Although they spoke in technical jargon a few hours into the conference everyone had warmed up to me and I felt very comfortable asking the most novice of questions.
How does this relate to Android, in every which way it does. Just check out the stories that moved on the net while the conference was going on. Of course the biggest hype over the past two days has been the EVO. What did I learn about the EVO? Well for starters when I worked for Clear, then Clearwire, in 2006 I was able to get face time with the mad scientist himself Dr.Saw, if you know anything about Dr.Saw he has the toys everyone wants YEARS in advance. He had the prototype for what is now the EVO. During the Wimax/4G panel I found out that the HTC evo is optimized for IEEE 802.16e which is the current wave of wimax, around the corner is IEEE 802.16m while the EVO will not get the full benefits form m it will have no trouble functioning in areas where Clear/Sprint upgrades to M
There was a lot of discussion about AT&T;’s nixing the unlimited data plans and how that will have a big effect on some but not others. (more indepth individual blogs forthcoming) but with the mobile video panel, it seems that carriers are going to have some issues. Did you know that Mobile Video accounts for 40% of a carriers data bandwidth and of that 40% 30% of it is video that isnt even watched, video that is cached, loaded and then forgotten about, or the end user has decided theyve waited long enough? Where does all this backhaul go.
One of the speakers that I found very interesting was Mohan Sadashiva of Fusion One, his company is the vendor for Verizon’s data backup service offered to Verizon customers. He spoke a lot about the cloud. Admittedly fusionone doesn’t target the Iphone customer as Iphone customers are very loyal to their brand. However when I posed the question, is that because the iphone customers are iphone loyalists or because they use Itunes/Mobile me, products offered by Apple? He concurred and then I asked him about Android/Google and their cloud backup. Chandra Tekwani chimed in to say he too uses Google for his cloud on his device and finds it easiest and of the rhealms google has put itself into, this cloud is one they really have down pat.
I also got to meet Mike Demier a down to earth industry analyst with a focus on wireless technology, the Android Eco System and 4G.
This was a great conference! More to come

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