After 3 weeks with an LG ALLY

After three solid weeks with the LG Ally on Verizon here are my thoughts:

First off the LG Ally did not get the thunder it deserved. As I said before in previous blog entries The Ally by LG is an extremely solid “Smart Phone” it doesn’t quite have the specs of the “Super Phone” variety or the Motorola Droid, but it gets a solid 4 stars out of 5 from the Droid Guy.

First off, It’s the first “lower end” Android phone featuring Android 2.1 (it actually beat the My Touch 3G Slider to market)

Next it doesnt have any overlay on top of the 2.1 such as HTC Sense or Motorola Moto Blur so you get Android 2.1 in all it’s splendor in glory much like when the Nexus One rolled out with Android 2.1

The Display is on a 3.2 Inch WVGA Screen. 480×800 pixel display with a capactive touch screen. The display/touch screen response is medium fast and definitely adequate for the user it’s targeting.

The best part is definitely the qwerty keyboard. The keyboard features hard (not rubberized) sturdy, raised keys. It feels very comfortable almost blackberryish and of the phones with full qwerty keyboards that I’ve owned or demoed the Ally is by far the most natural feel you can get in a keyboard this size. I’ve personally tried or have: The Droid, The Cliq, Devour, Samsung Moment and the MT3G Slider.

This is a solid piece of machinery. It is a mid-range phone and targeted at that market that is presumably why it didn’t get the DROID branding that the Droid, Eris and Incredible have. The Motorola Devour is also an Android phone on Verizon without the “Droid” branding.

The second best feature, as with the Droid, Eris, Incredible and DeVour is the Verizon network. I’ve used the Ally in: Baltimore/DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, San Francisco, New York (Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Jersey City and Secaucus) and had very little problems with the network.

Oh and the best part is the Augmented Reality/Marvel Comics Iron Man 2 game you can get by texting LGIM2 to: 95173

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