John Simpson couldn't change with the times so now he takes on Google

A lot of twitter debate has come from John Simpson and his Consumer Watchdog group with one focus to “turn up the regulatory heat” on Google.

Although I sometimes blind RT or retweet (re-tweet someone else’s twitter messages) most of the time I look into what I’m tweeting by following the shortened link in the twitter messages. Of course there are millions of users who blindly retweet and in doing that I engaged some in good debate yesterday over a key issue.
You see Mr. Simpson suggests that Google has become too big for it’s britches and talks about how he was downsized after 30years from his job as a print journalist because of big corporate America, but here’s where that gets sketchy, he has allied himself with Microsoft. Hello? Microsoft really? One of the only tech companies in America with a campus bigger then the Googleplex? How can you say you’re anti big corporation and line yourself up with Microsoft? Remember Microsoft isn’t called “Micro” because it’s small.
Does it occur to Mr. Simpson, in his 60’s, that Bing and the other components of the Microsoft company mine data in similar ways to google?
Microsoft produces software and operating systems for computers.
Microsoft is in the search engine business
Microsoft owns free public email sites such as Live and Hotmail
Microsoft is and has been in the mobile OS a lot longer than Google and Android
So Mr. Simpson is your issue that you couldn’t change with the times and find a niche in online journalism so now you’re mad at Sergey and Eric or is it truly a fight against corporate America, if so then you need to pick your friends a little bit better. Microsoft and Bing have the most un hidden hidden agenda in this whole thing.