Day 2 of blogging about the EVO this is part 2 of a nine part series that will end the day the EVO goes on sale.

Good: Last night my comcast went down for a while and I fired up the Sprint Hotspot. At my home on the outskirts of a 4g market I received about 2 bars on the 4G indicator and speeds of about 1.9mbps on 2 computers connected to the wifi router built into the evo.
Fring: I just downloaded it and am waiting to try it out in just a few minutes but VERY VERY excited
The display is beautiful if you’ve seen any screen shots, like yesterday when I was uploading speed tests, I have a decent picture of Jelly fish that I shot at the aquarium, it fills up the screen and looks like a stock background.
Call quality is good.
Because im on a google demo number I am using google voice on this phone seemlessly it even asks in the settings menu if you want to use carrier voicemail or google voice voicemail.
Please don’t mistake any of what I’m saying this would be a KICK ass phone even in non 4g markets. The problem is at 3g Verizon and Tmobile are both faster then Sprint.

The Bad: 4G Speed is VERY VERY inconsistent especially in a 4g market that was originally a XOHM Market/Clearwire. But on to the next day.. Depending on where you are that speed may look great but 4 bars 4g, and at the same exact spot my Verizon Incredible was pulling 2.2 on 3g
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