Evolicious #3

Here is my 3rd installment of EVOLICIOUS!

So in the second installment of EVOLICIOUS I talked about downloading the FRING app in the Android market. It has a great consolidated buddy interface and allows you to pull friends/buddies from your Address Book, MSN Live, SIP, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo, Skype, Google Talk and AIM. That’s well and good but I use e-buddy for that and have for a while. What attracted me most to FRING was the promise of being able to use my front facing camera for video chatting via fring. Well I tried that and have not so great results. I tried to video chat some friends on skype and while it worked and sent video over, even on 4g the video was latent and there was a very annoying buzz underneath the conversation which made it impossible to have a conversation other than to give facial gestures and fingers. Hopefully over time this will improve.

A friend of mine, a local BBM manager, has an EVO as well. He’s been having a lot of problems with powering down and power cycling, I am not sure the source of this problem. My evo has powered down and cycled on it’s own only 1x so I imagine thats good results.

I downloaded an e-book reader and really feel comfortable with reading ebooks on the EVO’s screen it’s bright, and clear and let’s face it, about the size if not bigger than the Dell Streak Tablet.

I already knew about the $10 add on for 4g but another thing I found out today was that to use the mi-fi feature it will be another $30. I don’t know how many sprint customers are going to pay $30 to be able to share their wifi with someone else. Possibly for themselves though. Also will it be similar to the overdrive and that it’s $30 unlimited in 4g and a 5gb cap on 3g?

So with everything $69.99 + $10 + $30 you’re looking at $109.99 per month on a low talk plan. And you thought Kin was expensive.

How about something great:
Pictures, Pictures look FANTASTIC on the EVO and after you upload them to the computer they look just as good. Video is much clearer than my nexus one and my other phones I need to side by side the video of the EVO vs the Incredible.

Also I don’t know if this feature is SENSE, EVO or 2.1 but you can set Peak times for your Mail.
You set Peak Start and Peak end and then during peak times you can set the frequency that it checks email from Every 5 minutes to Once a day, and the same for off peak. This is great for battery and if you don’t want a barrage of email downloading at certain times.

More tomorrow… and onto another blog