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So I just recently got my hands on my very own Sprint HTC EVO 4G. Let me start off by saying it’s got goods and bads and don’t want to ruin it for anybody.

The display is absolutely beautiful

The camera on the front is extremely useful no more holding the phone and praying you got the self picture, no more bathroom mirror shots neccesary.

So far every app intended for a stock OS android device running 2.1 has worked effortlessly. And as a bonus, shootme, a screen capture app intended for rooted phones also works on the EVO.

At the request of @chuckfalzone (who sports the same android hat i do) I tried a couple other apps intended for rooted devices but no dice.

One neat thing is I went to a best buy mobile in my area and spoke with a friend who turned me onto the fact that the HTC hero battery is the same as the EVO battery soooo with my hero on hiatus it means I’ll always have a fresh charge with me! Also we were able to find a leather pouch case intended for the HD2 and Branded “HTC” that fits the EVO snug without the worry of it falling out.

Now for some bad things I’ve noticed:

I live in a big 4G market and my overdrive for sprint gets between 4 and 5 bars consistently and between 5mbps and 7mbps consistently. So far on 4g on the EVO I haven’t cleared 1.5mbps. Now granted not bad for a smartphone, its not the speed improvement I was thinking.

I was able to get a tower layout map from a friend of mine that does work for CLEAR so today I’m actually going to go out and use the EVO right by the wimax tower and see if there is any improvement.

The 3G speed is very consistent if not better than comparable 3g android phones on sprint. And I’ve been asking for it for months, when this phone is on 3g it actually says 3g and well not.. EVO

I am going to do real people reviews like this for EVO until the day it launches

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A quick word about me. So far I’ve paid for every device I have and I pay for every carrier service I have (all 4) Although I’d like to get into reviewing demos (which I am with another company) I speak very candidly about the end user experience because even though Im an Android Crackhead (I mean advocate) I still pay a consumer price plan bill on every carrier. I also paid for this EVO. I was able to procure it 2 weeks early but other than that the people involved in my acquisition of said device know that Im going to put the good and the bad and my 10,000+ twitter followers know I’ve got no hidden stake in any of my droids…

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