An Open Letter to Chris Morton


I don’t believe your letter to Dan Hesse could not have been more spot on. As I read and re-read your letter on my Samsung Moment it shed light on why the Android update for Sprint has become such a laughing stock in the twitterverse and blogsphere.
In a twitter exchange from one of my nearly 8000 followers (My twitter is @myfavoritelezbo said that the android update should have been called Unicorn and that quickly became the staple over the last few days.
Reports are trickling out that the update is now available, again by download, or in the sprint store. As you hinted, trying to get anything done at a corporate store is a joke. Hesse seems to think that the consumer has an hour + to wait for anything. (I could go on and on but that’s another blog another time)
What’s disheartening most about sprint is years ago when Candice Bergen was the spokesperson for Sprint Spectrum and their number was 1-800-PIN-DROP it was almost like Sprint was destined to become the cutting edger CDMA carrier that Verizon is now.
What’s even more disheartening is this carrot dangling in front of everyone in regards to the update. It’s coming at the end of January, the middle of march, the beginning of May and so on.
And finally the point of this open letter to You and anyone that has read it.. Investor Call after investor call quarter after quarter Sprint posts a post paid deficit (churn) or in laymens terms, Sprint announces quarter after quarter that they loose more than 500,000 post paid customers per quarter. Most companies out there would Kill to have 500,000 customers to loose, and this quarter their loss of 578,000 gross customers was “an improvement”. Again for those needing more laymens terms that’s 578,000 post paid customers who left Sprint. Now their net loss was only 75,000 so apparently they picked up 503,000 new customers in the same quarter, but imagine if they could stop loosing post paid customers at such a high rate they I mean really if they could have lost 400,000 gross customers they would essentially have no net loss. What kind of business model is this.

Android and wireless are my hobby I have no professional affiliation with any carrier or any hardware manufacturer so from a quasi consumer eye I could say that Sprint could easily improve their Gross and Net loss with a few simple things:

1. Staffing their core stores more adequately and cutting down customer wait time. EVERY single time Ive been in a core store (and I usually set foot in one core store at lease once a week) I see a potential customer walk because of the line.

2. Be honest and more forthcoming with their updates and be pro-active to customer service issues

3. Reward customers who have stuck with them instead of turning their backs

4. work on retention in their call centers

Im just saying.

At any rate I was inspired by your letter to Dan and hope you got a response back.

I will say in closing not to just Chris Morton but to everyone, Sprint is about to embark on the “best” android/smart phone out there the HTC EVO, of course I’m going to get one, but they are going to have a huge customer service issue when anyone not in the less than 30 cities with 4G coverage wakes up and can’t get 4G on their brand new phone. Just sayin (check out the blog entry here:

The Droid Guy