What's the deal with the newer Android Phones

I’ve gone back and forth 100 times on whether or not to get a ATT Backflip. I was never impressed with Blur on my Cliq because I have too many social media accounts. In fact I don’t like the HTC Peep/Facebook combo either I actually prefer the Android Facebook app and ebuddy for chatting.

There are plenty of Back Flips available, why because there is virtually no marketing Ive been to 5 AT&T; stores in since Sunday 2 of them didnt even have the backflip out on TUESDAY theres no noticeable signage everything is still very much Iphone Centric and Blackberry Centric. To top it off they have locked down outside market apps for “my protection”there is a work around at least but its so much easier to be able to get an APK emailed or go to a site and get it. Also with as many androids as I have, I have a master SD Card that I use to restore everything the same way on every phone but it wont work on ATT because the apps are locked to market and then of course restricted to 1.6

Next.. WTF ATT is up with your Yahoo/Google decision. Im sure through some kind of marriage ATT is affiliated with Yahoo/SBC however Google is Android it would be like saying Sorry you can’t use Bing on a Windows Mobile device. Ridiculous.

NEXT… Verizon we are two weeks into the Devour launch at Best Buy and more than 2 weeks since the superbowl commercial and your own CORPORATE retail stores dont have this phone in the store, what gives?

I’m truly happy with my current line up however I must say im not impressed at all with the way the carriers are treating the Backflip and Devour