The New Official List

So yes sometimes I change my android phones around so here is the official list

1st Position: Nexus one on Tmobile. I actually love this phone more than I thought I would I am having some battery issues but the display is CRAZY! and I have it coupled with Shapewriter. On Nexus One’s big screen shapewriter is Sooooo Easy

2nd Position: Verizon DROID. I am so accustomed to the keyboard now it and the nexus are my daily drivers.

3rd Position: Samsung Moment. I was encouraged by a Sprint person to go back to moment with the maintenance update. The battery is lasting a lot longer. Im not really down with the 1.6 however its not too bad and having a spare keyboard is good.

4th Position: HTC Hero This is a reliable work horse from HTC and looks like my nexus’ little brother.

5th position Backflip – the jury is still out on this its running 1.6 the 3g talk and data is Great however im worried about the durability of the keyboard/camera combination being so exposed like it is. Also the battery cover feels weak. The battery life is only fair. Not as bad as Cliq at roll out but still just fair.

I have retired the Cliq and the MT3g

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