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The Pin Is Dropping…

If you’ve been around wireless and telecom long enough you’ll know that the title of this blog entry is a reference to Sprint (S) the 3rd largest carrier in the nation.

I have a love hate relationship with Sprint. You see in the world of android Sprint is the only carrier that I don’t have a demo account with for some reason they refuse even though most of my positive tweets that are carrier related are towards Sprint.

I absolutely love my Overdrive through Sprint I am also a HUGE fan of the HTC hero however their customer service on the phone and the integrity of the customer service at several Corp retail stores that I have been to leave something to be desired.

Having worked in the industry for quite some time one thing that’s really important is Product knowledge it seems that when it comes to their newest products their employees are far behind the customers.

When I was a manager in the wireless industry it was in a multi carrier situation at a high volume big box store. I was passionate about education and customer service no matter what time on or off the clock. Similar to the twitter user @wsthehouse

At any rate Today it was reported that Sprint lost half a million subs this quarter do you realize thats as many subs as Clearwire has TOTAL.

What does this say about retention? A twitter search for sprint usually reveals a lot of folks upset about an android update and a lot of folks upset in general. One I believe DM or RM out west @wsthehouse is the only one @sprintcares included taking a proactive role. I step in whenever I can I am passionate, as my father was before he past, about the little company Candice Bergen used to promote, Sprint… But alas they are also the only company refusing to give me a demo account so I don’t even know why I bother…

I’ll tell you why they have a great development team and in my areas a solid network. They get kicked in some areas but for the most part they have some really cool stuff and unless they really piss me off I won’t leave but of course I know why they wouldnt care because i’d be just another one of what a half a million folks to leave.

Their customer service was near the bottom last year but it was improving. Take this for example though Johnny gets an F in chemistry and next month a D- yup that’s some improvement…

I hope whoever clips for Dan Hesse gets this and sees how passionate some can be about their carrier especially this one Manager

My thoughts: One day they’ll sprint ahead and totally get it.

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