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Why does their need to be an Iphone Killer

Undoubtedly every time a new phone running the Anroid Operating System comes out it’s touted or doubted to be the Iphone Killer. Why though? Why does there need to be an iphone killer?

Pretty crazy words coming from an Android loyalist right?

Well consider this, there are still people out there that swear by their flip phone. They don’t want data or email or anything on their phone. There are still people out there that absolutely swear by blackberry. There are even a few people out there that swear by not having a wireless phone at all.. Shocking…

Do I think Android phones are better, absolutely. You know the whole My Touch ad campaign about making the phone you, well that’s what Android is best at. Running four android phones I have a few of the same apps on all 4 phones but then I like my phones for different reasons hence the reason I carry four.

The other reason for carrying so many phones is I want to see, feel and experience Android across all platforms, wireless phones and carriers.

But back to the main plot of this post…

I watched Pirates of Silicon Valley again for the umpteenth time tonight but probably the first time in the past 3 years. Do you remember when Steve Jobs finally realizes that Bill Gates is making windows and reverse engineering the Mac? After that what happens, Steve gets fired by John Sculley and then gets rehired in 1997, this time with Bill Gates and Microsoft as partners.

It was that clear black and white there can only be 1 computer philosophy that steered jobs into a tailspin and eventually his ouster from Apple, but realizing that both can coexist turned the whole story around.

Fast forward a decade since the movie was even made and Apple is poised as a better product in some circles than a PC.

Is the iphone better? Maybe to some, it’s definitely pretty it just isnt as customizable as Android and there are a lot of other factors involved and reasons in my opinion that Android is better.

So now I think the tables have turned in the wireless phone segment.

I couldn’t tell you without doing extra research the actual numbers but we all know when Macintosh and windows were first introduced there where 100s of times more Windows computers than Macintosh computers.. A lot of people contributed it to priceness or the fact that the macs were great for school but mom or dads job required a PC so there were millions and millions of pcs and a lot less millions of Macs..

Now there are millions of iphones and not so many millions of Android Phones… What’s the better product?

In my opinion… Android Rules

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