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What's on your home screen (Droid Daily Driver)

What’s on your Home Screen?
This post is good for beginning to casual users.

Here’s my Home Screen for my Droid which is my Daily Driver.

1st there is a Verizon branded screen protector on this phone it really helps protect the screen.

I am using Home ++ although its in Beta it’s in the Android Market. It offers 7 home screens

It has the retro clock at the top with Date. A Double Click on the date brings me to my google calendars for which I have 4 different calendars linked via one Gmail Account.

Next the top row is Twitter
Seesmic is my #1 Twitter client I use this for my @thedroidguy account.

Tweeteev has all of my droid accounts but does not support landscape mode.

Swift is also a twitter app I use this for my actual business 1st Djs @1stdjs . Next is twidroid I use this for a personal account I rarely post on now.

Under that is Email, with my droid I have 5 different emails and for the most part read all emails off the universal email box.

Then Gmail. With 2.0 I can add as many true gmail accounts as I’d like I have 2 kyledroidguy and 1stdjs.

Ebuddy is like meebo and it is my gateway to my facebook and gtalk. I don’t use the stock gtalk because it defaults to my other gmail so I use ebuddy

Handscent- is my messenger (SMS MMS) program of choice it does pop bubbles very similar to iphone but it has speech to text and is very customizable

Phone- is self explanatory its a droid/2.0 icon

Contacts- same

Messaging is the stock messenger app and of course Browser.

Soon I’ll post more of my homescreens from this droid and my other 3 phones.

Happy Androiding

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