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What Google Has Done to their ecosystem

Basically they kicked the Racoons in the head and skinned the otters heres what I mean.

*heres a disclaimer I still very much love my android phones and my google products. Ive had a google voice /Grand Central account for 3 years, used gmail since i had to be invited, use wave, have an orkut etc etc etc but im disappointed by todays developments*

Now to the animals that live in the Google/Android Ecosystem

The Racoons (The hardware Manufacturers)
Although Sanjay from Motorola was right up there in the panel Mario and Andy just stepped on stage in front of the press and all the press followers and said “Nexus One” is the Super Phone and well Droid, Devour, Hero, Cliq, My Touch are not Super Phones.

The HTC guy basically said that Nexus One was the best phone they’ve ever made and well there goes all the people that just spent hundreds on an HTC phone this holiday season

Now the Otters. (developers)
Theyve taken the best applications, speech to text, the ability to have active wallpaper, and even the weather and put it on android 2.1 Yes most of us will get a 2.1 update soon enough, so instead of doing what BIG DADDY GOOGLE does and go in swoop up a company and buy it they just redid it.

And the Consumers

You can’t touch the phone at the store
You can’t ask a real person questions, product knowledge is OBSOLETE on the store site
What about the general public was this phone just made for us Android Geeks, The General Public isnt going to know anything except the other android phones are in the Mortar stores and you can touch it, feel it, talk on it and ask questions to a human being.

I was going to have one of my Tmobile business accounts changed over to personal so I could get a nexusone but i’ll pass.

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