The Big Nexus One Let Down

Does anyone else feel let down by the Nexus One News Conference & Launch?

Specifically here’s what bothers me about it.

1. Superphone- Mario and Andy kept referring to it as a Super Phone, what sets a superphone apart from a smartphone? Why is this phone super and Droid, Cliq, Moment, Hero are not?

2. Online store experience. While this may make some of you cringe, when you take the mortar out of Click and Mortar its a failed business model if it wasnt than why does Apple need retail stores and why did Dell go into bestbuy. Think about even gateway they started as online and mail order only but then had those cute cow stores ala Chik-Fil-A .

3. They refuse to put it in their hand Mario said if you see one at a restaurant than ask someone to touch it or what have you.. umm.. nooooooooooooo

He also compared this Non Touch experience to buying a DSLR camera online I dont know about you but most of the people that I know do buy stuff online but a purchase like a phone or a DSLR camera that comes after going to a bestbuy or tigerdirect and touching it.

4. At one point Mario remarked about how this was about the superphone the amazing superphone and then Andy went onto how it was about their first step into online retail so which one is it.

When you compare the nexusone to whats on the market it’s not that super.. just saying.

As for touching it heres my deal, there is a BIG BIG difference in feel from the Black/graphite My Touch 3G (HTC) and the two colored models (burgundy and white) the colored models feel cheaper I want to know what this phone is going to feel like in my hand

My Droid will be updated to 2.1 soon enough for all the other cool features

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