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The Android Network

I am pleased to announce that I am part of the Android Network. As you’ve seen if you’ve read my blog im an enthusiast/fanatic moreso than a techie/hacker/modder and fit right in.

The creator of the Android Network is trying to start a community of Android Blogs and sites that use the Android Network as their forum space. I’m all for that it allows people who read my blog to have a forum experience too so lets see who are the other partners…

Absolutely Android:
A great source for android information. Check out their new toolbar at the bottom of the site.
Follow the owner of Absolutely Android
I’d say that Absolutely Android is a wealth of information for the novice user and a really great site so check it out.

The Android Volume Hack
Ok so what is this? Hard of hearing? Listen to those dumb little ipod earbuds too loud for too long and you need MORE VOLUME from your android device than check these guys out their hack is available in the Android Market Place, Id put them as a developer more than a hacker but for me owning a mobile DJ business and Djing since I was 12 I definitely need MORE VOLUME great work.
For info on the hack directly Click Here

Leakdroid is a very beautifully laid out all things android site with lots of pics lots of video and clearly spelled out blogs and content where anyone from a guy just hearing about android to a girl on her 2nd Android phone can enjoy.
They seem to compile the news, give it their own spin and back it up with graphics graphics graphics.

And The Droid Guy
Really just click the link to check out my site not much but a splash page and then these great blog entries of mine.
Follow me on twitter @thedroidguy

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