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So I finally got an android phone what should I get first.

The Phone is just the beginning, welcome to the world of Android the OS that let’s you be you. It’s no secret there’s 100,000 apps in the app store on the iphone, but how many apps can you really put on your phone before you forget they are there.

Consider this, there are 1,000,000s of programs for your laptop and wow with 500gb of memory you could put a crap load on your hard drive, well why don’t you?

How many fart, autotune, toastmaking, tip calculating flashlights can you actually use?

So where to start it depends on you. Now I’ve got a routine down so everytime I get a phone,trade or what have you the first thing that goes on my phone is Astro File Manager. It gives my Android phones a real Pocket Computer Feel and let’s me do countless things like open zips up and self exract APK’s from the web vs the Android Market. It helps download upload photos and much more

The next thing that I usually add is the somewhat new photoshop, gotta crop those photos and take the red out on the fly….

For me, Seesmic, Swift, and Tweeteev, I have 3 active twitters and keep them separate for two reasons, one is that Tweeteev is the only twitter app I have that supports multiple accounts, and 2 If I use 3 different programs for 3 different accounts I never run into the situatino where I post the wrong thing from the wrong account.

I actually like twitter apps in that order.

Next.. to facebook or not.. I like Facebook for android I like the widget so it goes on next. is how I post long articles to my twitter without being at an actual computer. There is also a tiny url and Twidroid shortens URLs for you.

More later keep reading…

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