Shapewriter vs Swift it all comes down to a Ho! and of course $$

I really don’t like the stock keyboard on the Moment or My Droid so I started hunting an alternative and someone recommended Swype. I fell in love with Swype but unfortunately my great display on my moment doesn’t support Swype, in fact it doesn’t support a lot of the apps that instinctively run great on Android 1.5 This was a FAIL for Samsung all together… but that’s a different blog.

So on the Right in that pic is my droid running Swype. The keys are spaced out further apart which makes it easier to glide my fingers or swype them. I have somewhat small fingers however its still a pain typing on the stock virtual keyboards.

When I realized that Swype didn’t work on my Samsung Moment I put a tweet out and someone told me about shape writer. First off it’s only a free trial version in 30 days I’m either going to part ways with it, hope that Swype can then support the Moment or just cough up and pay.. Or perhaps I’ll be out of the Samsung Moment all together.. don’t know but in the meantime I am using Shapewriter on the moment.

Shapewriter is not all that bad. It seems to respond better when you can glide or swipe in a straight fashion while Swype allows you to be a little more airy with it. Swype also seems to have a better internal dictionary or at least it gets closer to the word I meant to say.

Shapewriter has 2 great screens an ABC screen and a Numbers and Symbols Screen.

Swype uses the long press screen similar to Hero/Eris keyboard and it also has a symbol screen and an edit screen which I haven’t dived into yet

Overall both are better than the stock keyboards. I personally like Swype better, I may like shapewriter better if It wasnt a paid app so I may dump it after the 30 day trial.

But wait… Like Billy Mays used to say But wait theres more… so I sent a “Hi” to my wife using shapewriter and it came out “Ho” now being that my wife knows I am going through texting keyboards right now she’s tolerant but some peoples girlfriends and wives may not be too happy with you calling them ho even by accident
So Im glad I have an understanding wife over this whole “ho” thing and I really don’t want to go back to the virtual keyboard. Both programs allow you to text and type a lot quicker but all in all Swype is my keyboard of choice but shapewriter is in my top considerations and being that Samsung Moment doesn’t support very many cool apps right now… Shapewriter will stay on it until the 30th day… unless they send me the full version for review…

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