Service Tattler Day 1

Thanks to Clay for putting me on the beta test of Service Tattler. This is a great app that not only finds places to eat, drink and party at but it has a great review system. It’s got a lot of choices for good and bad feedback. It allows you to pic from bad feedback options to rate the establishment without having to go on and on in a typed out review.

The first screen is the check in screen you use the Menu key to find places in your location from the GPS it calls up all the food places nearest you (or bars or clubs) From there if you long hold a location you can check-in to it and then review it or “Tattle”
With this screen shot I’ve checked into the place Im tattling on which is the Cold Stone Creamery. The screen shot shows all the positive feedback that you can give. If you’ve ever experienced Cold Stone it’s usually a very positive uplifting experience and in this case it was.
There are options like Greeted withs mile, host is courteous, host is class, etc etc.
If you click on the sad face icon (pic directly to left) it gives you choices to pick from like No One Greeted me, Host is arrogant punk, Insane line or wait time etc. Which is a lot better than just picking a star rating and having to write a narrative on your phone, keyboard or not this Service Tattler system is A LOT quicker. After you’ve made your selections to describe the service (that’s why it’s called service tattler) the next screen asks you for a bill and has the all so favorite iphone app, a tip calculator, built right in. (I just tipped a $1.00 to hear them sing)

On the Overall Service page you get to give the establishment a Star rating and enter your total bill. Then, based on your overall rating it suggests a tip for 1/2 a star it gives you a 6% tip and for 5 stars 24%

I haven’t done a lot of looking but I dont think many of the similar apps have this kind of service based tipping suggestions.

You can also publish your service tattles right to your twitter account. Since today I was just playing with it i havent done that yet but when Service Tattler Takes off (and it will) then I’ll be posting my tatles with my twitter.

Overall I give it 5 stars from me.

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