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Revolutionizing the Phone Buying Experience

Google has posted this blog entry about revolutionizing the cell phone buying experience. I don’t necessarily agree with the post but here it is in it’s entirety Our New Approach to Buying A Mobile Phone

Let me tell you this about the mobile phone buying experience though.

I have a fair amount of experience in the retail consumer side of phone buying and selling. I was a Wireless Sup for Best Buy for a long while and have sold wireless in other avenues even clearwire for a while.

So let me say this, a quick Google Search couldn’t find me the facts to back this up, but how many of you have spent more than 1 hour of your day purchasing a cell phone. Even with Verizon’s quick check in service and now Sprint doing it too, you can spend 1-3 hours in the store purchasing the phone. In other words from the time you walk into the store to the time you walk out it can take you LONGER to purchase a cell phone than to buy a car. Seriously I am not exagerating I see you right now shaking your head in agreement.

So consider this. I finally was able to get what I need from tmobile and google to complete the transaction at the google nexusone store, even with marginal credit the entire process from login to logout was under 5 minutes.

Wouldn’t that be great to buy a phone in under 5 minutes. Granted you have to wait a day for the phone but the process again took under 5 minutes.

I wouldn’t call it revolutionary but even as a wireless sales person and a manager in wireless sales I always wanted to find a way to make the customer experience not take so long.

Fortunately in my current enthusiast status I have relationships with different people at different carriers when its time I can do things on my end to make the credit process run smoothly I can also add subtract multiply and divide and know exactly all the fees so when I need a new phone or want a new phone (except the nexus one of course) I can call one of my carrier guys and have the phone bagged up ready for me. But for a typical end user that that extra 175 minutes shaved off the buying experience is certainly welcome.

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