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Product Knowledge

I was reading a really good piece this morning, too bad I can’t find it anymore, but it was about how you walk into a wireless retailer and they are going to tell you that this phone, that phone and this phone do exchange. This phone, that phone and this phone, do twitter facebook and myspace. But they are doing it all off comparison charts and quick flip guides (very popular in Sprint Stores)

In fact did you know in most Tmobile retail stores on the cashier’s side of the cash register there is a note to remind you to smile.

In my honest opinion the most important part of a wireless sales person’s job is product knowledge. We aren’t asking you to memorize all 100,000 items in your local walmart. The average wireless shop has what, 20 handest and maybe 30 plan variations, so know and learn your product.

So I’m not your average user however it pains me when the wireless rep wants my sale and can’t tell me the display size or if email is pushed to the phone or not.

And with Product knowledge goes plan knowledge and if you don’t know don’t BS it ask someone.

When I was a blue shirt (best buy not sears) I was a wireless supervisor on my day off a new team member told a couple that sure international minutes were included with their AT&T; plan since it was a GSM phone and “international” we know where this is going right… so learn about it.

If you’re comissioned sales is it really going to pain you to do some research at home?

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