Phishing and the risks people take

In a perfect world you would be able to trust everyone and its kind of disheartening that you can’t. I’m not going to make this a My Android is better than Your Iphone post although the heart of this post is the story about a Rogue Phishing app in the Android Market..

One App
One Story
One Day

that’s all this took however A quick Google of the search times Apple App Fraud Phishing returns 1000s of results.. CLICK HERE Im just saying Iphone Fanboys need not jump on the whole Android community yet

Here’s what I do for my own safety.

Now #1 I don’t bank at Bank of America and Unless a Bank app is certified, recognized or endorsed by My Bank I’m not putting my bank info into your app. I don’t go searching the web for an online banking site that can manage everyone of my financial accounts, and I doubt you do either. Banking is one thing that most Americans with an online pulse are very stringent about. You only do the online banking at your banks online banking site why try anything else???

Next Forum Phishing.
Never heard of it? Do you know how easy it is to set up a vbulletin blog or other blog and then for the owner to see the passwords? To my knowledge it hasn’t happened on the Android side of the world. Why bring this up? Because a lot of people use 1 password for everything, that’s absolutely ludacris. I don’t neccesarily say you need one password each for each little thing but it certainly isnt secure to give androidman54 the same username, email and password combination that you use for your Discover Card online now is it?

I use alternating passwords for Forums and it’s totally different and in no way connected to the passwords I use for real life.

So in closing, be careful and really iphone fanboys check out the results for Apple App Store Fraud