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Peter the HTC Pimp…

Before I get into this I really like my HTC Hero and My Mytouch 3G

Well I just got done reading a review of what is probably the next thing out of the Android Pipeline for Verizon the HTC Incredible. Read the review for yourself over at our friends Devdroid by clicking here.

Sounds like a great phone right? Is it the nexusone for Verizon or a whole different phone.

Is HTC making the rounds 1st Tmobile, Then Verizon then Sprint and then AT&T;? Remember just 10 short days ago we heard about the Super Phone the Nexus One and now this Phone is Incredible.

What do Andy Rubin, Mario and Eric think about the new company HTC is keeping. I say good for HTC but I do wonder when should I get my next phone?

They say electronics loose half their value when they walk out of the store, of course there is truth to that but what frustrates me is you make a decision to get something brand new and by the time you get it set up the next thing is ready to go.

Thanks to Devdroid for the tip follow them at

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