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Nexus One & Tmobile Another Car Comparison

You’ll find I like to compare cell phone purchasing to car buying. Both require some kind of credit check, both used to require a sales person, and both require ridiculous amounts of time working on non-sense paperwork.

Im going to Piggy Back on Gizmodo’s blog which sites how tmobile sent a big F-U to it’s current customers. The whole Gizmodo piece is right HERE we love gizmodo

So back to cars right…

My Grandpa Julius was a Chevrolet loyalist probably since the days they started making them Chevys, but every couple years right back to Chevy and right back to the same dealership will guess what America, My Grandpa Julius paid a LOWER amount and got MORE of a discount with each and every Chevrolet my grandparents bought. How absurd would it be for the dealer to say, Sorry Sir but since you only buy Chevrolet’s were going to charge you More!!!

That’s what Tmo is doing.

There is a case on the Gizmodo website but I have one right here my brother has been with Tmo since they bought Voice Stream he is wayyyy overdue an upgrade, since he is in another industry he had me go online and walk through the process I got the same thing ding ding ding $379 thank you Mr. Droid Guy and your family for being loyal tmobile customers but here stick this $200 where the sun don’t shine

Fed up already sign this petition here

Doug Winters is just another ordinary techie guy with a family who is fed up like everyone else. This blog post was for you. Follow doug here

And just because i dont rip people off the way lots of folks steal my Rts one more time here is a link to the original gizmodo story HERE

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