My thoughts on ipad

Does anyone remember the press event to announce the iphone? The hoopla, the leakage, then the excitement as even the original iphone rolled out? What about the announcement of the original ipod? Mp3 players had been out for a few years but ipod was special it was a “boo ya” move and Steve Jobs was back.

The ipod release and the iphone release reminded me of that seen in pirates where Steve and Steve went to that first computer show and everyone flocked to them that was special…

Ipad it was blah. Jobs knows people thrive off his koolaid but really everyone knew what was coming and it was blah. I think he shocked some folks with the pricing.  Theres no doubt the ipad will ship millions but the announcement blah.

Am i getting one? No? Ill get the tablet announced in Mountain View, one of the ones running Android.