Millions of Freaking Apps…

Only a few people will come stand beside me and say hey I am an over the top Android Enthusiast but every computer I own is a mac… Not Many, and I know you’re out there.

Since my high school days (in the late 80’s early 90s) sitting in the journalism room with a Mac Plus or whatever model it was working on the latest issue of the school paper and printing report cards in the backroom (crap did i just say that) I’ve always been into Mac Computers… What switched me to Android Phones, the customization and the fact that I am a big believer in all things google. I’ve had Google Voice since Grand Central days, Gmail since invite days, Google Wave, Google Docs and my DJ Business even does google checkout. I love Google Maps I just like the word Google.. it sounds like Struedel or better yet for my jewish as Koogle

So heres the deal with the subject of this blog post A Million Freaking apps who gives a F*CK about a million apps…

My dad used to say why do you like that Mac so much theres a million software titles for PC….

Really.. It’s that hard to comprehend and now im talking to you Iphone/Mac Loving fan Boys

Want to come at me and my android community with your millon apps… there aren’t a million programs for this macbook im writing this blog entry on right now and YES in my opinion its better than a Compaq PC I can get at office depot for $379.99

So if a million apps makes a better phone than every PC touting “weve got millions of software title” computer owners should in turn love an iphone right? It’s a better phone?


Besides restricted with No SD card to that same 16 or 32 gigs how many of those million freaking apps can you fit on the card

and for the record I know the real number is around 100,000 it just needed some thunder