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Joined forces with

I’ve Decided to join forces with why here are the reasons

Bryan seems pretty cool. He is promoting a healthy Android community without all the bashing that typically happens when people get passionate about something, like Android for instance.

At least on twitter so many members of the Android community get along great, of course there is some bickering as with every community and some brotherly-sisterly teasing but overall it’s not like those Fruit Loops who attack each other on a daily basis.

What do I want out of this thing? I don’t want to come across as the Mecca of Androidism I couldnt tell you anything about Rooting, I think its neat but I have a guy that does my modding.

I am a normal techie business owner with a great hobby Android so I like to look at my blogs as somewhere between Newbie-novice and all out techgeek hacker (some of those guys are great friends)

So back to Androidnetwork
I am hoping that Bryans plan will come together and he’ll form a network of bloggers like myself that can interact with any type of member of the Android community.

I’ve joined about 15 Android Forums and none have much gusto yet hopefully they’ll be better but in Kyle’s perfect world hopefully the form at androidnetwork will grow to somewhere where Betty the Newbie and John the Tech Guru can peacefully coexist and learn from each other.


just hours now from Nexus Launch

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