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Hero Vs Moment Hero Won

Everyone following me on twitter knows I switched from the Samsung Moment to the HTC Hero on Sprint’s Now Network. So far so good as far as Sprint coverage is concerned. Their map in the store is very reliable unlike some carriers so I know which areas are going to be good and which ones aren’t so far I’ve used Sprint/Android in Maryland, Vegas and North Carolina without much disappointment.

I love how their visual voicemail is basically packaged in Android devices it has a little more functionality than competitors and a clearer layout IMO than the iphone.

I do have a couple issues, both Sprint’s Android devices are running 1.5 and that causes a lot of the newer apps that are supposed to be in the market to be non-existant.

One problem I was having with the Moment was that a lot of apps couldn’t support the extremely nice display.

Also that extremely nice display was causing it’s rather weak battery to drain fast.

Literally I’d give it a full night charge and after the charge 5 calls later I’m looking at half the battery.

Here’s one thing though that I learned about the Samsung Moment, the battery indicator in the notification bar is not as accurate as going into the settings and looking at the battery indicator in that section. Sometimes when the indicator is yellow in the notify bar it’s still 40%+ in settings so it may not be as bad.

So far the Hero is good. More on that later

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