2 Really Good Twitter Apps this week

On Saturday I downloaded Xeeku Tweets thanks to @dandroidos And I thought it was love at first site. It’s a very very strong app look for it in the market as Xeeku Tweet.

I didn’t like that it said I was posting from generic API but hey thats on them they should fix the signature to show that it’s coming from Xeeku Tweets. That’s no biggie.

The GUI isn’t as pretty as seesmic or my favorite twitter gui which is Tweeteev but its functionality is actually in some cases better than other programs.

The Pro version (for some rason only available on Droid) is the only way to get multi-account support.

One Really Big Plus is it follows the conversatin on everything without having to click through an extra time like seesmic, it just shows the whole conversation if you pop open the tweet. A++ There.

My personal downsides with Xeeku:

I couldn’t paste on the go I tried to paste a link from href.to and no dice, no paste option into a tweet.

Also the nav bar at the bottom disappears when you’re anywhere but timeline so when I went into @messages I had to use the android back button to get back to timeline to go anywhere else

Otherwise though this is a SOLID tie for number 2.

The other really great twitter app I am testing now is Tweetcaster by Handmark the GUI is Beautiful it has multi account support. The only thing I really don’t like is that it has Native Retweet so if you want to retweet you have to retweet the whole message sometimes I like to retweet a question with my answer in case the original poster doesn’t have a way to see the conversation. This got to be a pain.

Other than that though its reall great one thing I really like about it is it shows you the link at the bottom if there is a link in the twit this is really really useful. Haven’t tried the paste thing and I’ve only had it about a day so look for more but these two are definitely way better than Twidroid.

I’d say my number 1 is still seesmic but tied at number 2 are Xeeku and Tweetcaster. Look for more though because really twitter apps are what i get the most questions about. I did get uno the other day and it was almost as fun as whipping my friends butts in the third grade.