Who am I

My first exposure to smart phones was in the early 90’s when I was a Wireless Sup (or Supervisor) on the boat at bestbuy. Any former Blue shirt or current blue shirt will understand that reference. My first smart phone was this big bulky monochrome Kyocera. It was cool and it was big.

From there I had the smaller more squarish Treos made by Handspring and on Voicestream service. I had the one with the keyboard and the one without.

I also got my first blackberry at that time, an LCD/Monochrome screen I believe and then the black and white model. During that time I also beta tested an AIM instant messenger device also made by Research In Motion.

So I’ve always had a smart phone or 2 or 3 or 4

It’s best put like this my Father in law , an avid collector of classic cars, once asked, Kyle why do you need 3 cell phones, to which I replied, why do you need 11 cars… Smart Phones are more a hobby for me.

I started with android in 08 when the G1 rolled out. Living in NC at the time we werent supposed to get 3G for many months so i had to special order mine and then it was slow as molasses. From there I upgraded to what I currently carry which is

My Touch 3G (often nicknamed MT3G)
Samsung Moment
Motorola Droid
Motorola Cliq

I like to take a more worldly normal guy approach. I won’t directly commenting on rooting or anything like that but more so how to get started, what games are fun, what real world apps you can use etc.

My blog/site are going to be where you can learn about using an android phone in your real life.