Twitter Apps…My Winner is Seesmic

Ive tried everything in the market for twitter. I have 3 twitter accounts 2 for business and 1 for The Droid Guy. Here’s how I make my 3 twitter accounts work on my Android Phones and Why Seesmic is my favorite twitter app.

On each of my phones its set up the exact same way.

The Droid Guy always posts from Seesmic

My main business posts from Swift

and my secondary business posts from twidroid

At Least with my Android Phones Seesmic is the big winner here is why!

Seesmic offers a great interface. Sorry Seesmic but my absolute favorite twitter app for a smart phone was Tweetie which I used for the year I had an iphone and a G1 on my iphone.

Here are my likes for Seesmic
– Great font size right out of the app store
– familiar screens
– Refresh right at the top of the screen (twidroid has a small button on the bottom and Swift has a “jump to now” button in the menus settings)
– Search is out of this world and fast
– Search screen stays ontop for example a lot of times I will search android and then re-tweet or reply to various posts, on seesmic if I retweet or reply to a post once that screen goes away the previous screen stays on the search results. Twidroid goes back to the Timeline screen. Swift also allows you to do this but with Seesmic its easier.

Don’t Likes
– No Multi account support

I keep tweeting and Im serious once Seesmic gets multi account support Buh-bye twidroid and I’ll keep Swift on my phones for back up


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