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The Hoopla Around the Nexus One

Before I start my rant I am sure I will end up with one… I love having the latest greatest android phones…

Here’s what I don’t understand, in the summer of 2008 all of the hoopla was about the brand new google phone, could you believe google was making a phone and partnering with HTC.. Voila the G1 was born with a big google logo on the box, a big google logo on the soft carry bag, and all the marketing saying “New From Google”

The rollout was a little bumpy it wasnt the iphone killer as expected. I loved my G1 but the battery was crap at rollout and there were a few thousand apps in the app store after six months…

Fast forward to now.. Is Google trying to pretend they are at the google complex with engineers enginerring this phone, much how the apple engineers are on infinite loop pioneering the next iphone, NO the Nexus One is being made in the labs at HTC right? Google advised on the G1 right? That’s what the G is for Google?

So are they trying to trick America, have a redo a doever lets forget we called the first HTC product with android G1 in the US (Dream everywhere else)

The specs on Nexus One look great, like I said Im sure I’ll end up with one and love it Im just trying to get clarification on why this is the Google phone and the Dream/G1 was not?

I love Android that’s why I carry 4 of them.

If you’re wondering which one i’ll ditch for the Nexus… That in a Moment if my Moment doesnt get a battery fix soon

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