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Swype is So Cool

Don’t know who started spreading it but I downloaded the Beta version of Swype keyboard for android. Unfortunately it didn’t work with my Samsung Moment. I am looking for a better virtual keyboard for my Samsung Moment. I rarely use the physical keyboard because the buttons are in a weird order and they feel cheap to me. The Moment has forced me to adapt to the Droid’s flat keyboard which is getting easier by the minute. As far as physical keyboards go my top favorite is definitely the cliq’s the buttons feel sturdy and it’s raised just a little bit and laid out correctly.

Let’s get into Swype.

Swype is a very cool virtual keyboard that lets you literally swipe words with one finger so you start at the first letter and swipe your fingers over all the letters of the word. Swype is amazingly correct I had it do large words like Smithsonian and Patagonia and it did just fine.

I really wanted to work on the Moment because again I hate the physical Keyboard and the virtual is too clunked together. Maybe I should trade the moment for the hero.. hmmm…

Check out a cool Demo video of Swype

Let me know what you think

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