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My Daily Driver

So I am taking the position that rather than have an expensive hobby like collecting cars I have a hobby that does cost somewhat and that is smart phones more importantly, android phones, so my good friend thats a car dealer asked me Kyle , which phone is your daily driver.

Just like cars I can’t use them all at the exact same time, although I make an argument that i can talk on one and tweet, text, web, etc on the other but thats a different story.

So what is my daily driver…

Sorry T-Mobile but my daily driver is definitely the Motorola Droid on Verizon.

Point Blank Verizon has more 3G coverage than any of the other 2 carriers I use right this second, tmobile and sprint. But not only that, the Droid’s charge lasts longer, the 2.0 OS is quicker at responding and organized better.

It’s the little things with 2.0 that get me
-its faster
– you can mark emails for deletion in 2.0 aside from just your gmail
– you can choose to look at emails as a universal inbox or in separate boxes
– you can go to your contacts menu and decide if you want to text someone, email them, facebook message them etc

Nothing too drastic but it really helps!

I also love the way it goes “Droooooiiiiidddd” when I get a text message.

Are there don’t likes, yes.. the qwerty.
When I was in high school at Mt. St. Joe in Baltimore I had this African American friend named Lenny, cool as heck, he used to keep his right pinky finger nail really long because he was a music nut he worked a pretty much full time job and he bought new casettes and cds almost every day, that finger nail ,it was to take the shrink wrap off.

As an Androidphile that likes the qwerty keyboard, I keep my finger nails trimmed to interact better with my qwerty keyboards.. so let me say this the length i need for my cliq sucks for my droid. Overall if Motorola would have put the cliq keyboard on the droid it would have been a HOME RUN.

Size Matters

I personally like feeling the device in my hand, the White HTC My Touch 3g (MT3G) feels cheap the plastic is cheap and its a lot lighter than its counter parts Eris and Hero.

Same thing here, the Droid is a heavy Phone and it feels heavy but I like it because it feels better its a powerful machine and I can feel the power in the weight.

My Moment is also way too light…

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