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Key Ring, wow that was easy…

So I was standing in the line at the only CVS open in Northern Virginia on Christmas Day, I was actually tweeting while the old lady in front of me was checking out and then it was my turn and the clerk said “Do you have a CVS Card” I proceeded to say yes and told her to hold on.

I went to my Droid phone and went to Key Ring, meanwhile the gentleman behind me says are you going to get your card out… Ha I already did while he was thinking I was fussing with my phone to send another text or tweet I had actually gotten Key Ring out, clicked my CVS card and handed my complete phone over to the cashier who knew EXACTLY what to do with it.

Key Ring, in case you didnt know, is a great app available in the Android Market that stores your Key Tag Club Cards with barcode right on your phone.

It has over 650 different establishments and theres no secret trick here you can even add your own cards, like the local gym. (just with the 65o companies the logo is in the program already)

So my Key Ring holds my
Giant Food Card
Barnes and Noble Card
Borders Card
CVS Card
Eckerd Card
Petsmart Card
Petco Card and
Library Card

I immediately took my nasty looking keytag cards off my key ring and voila!

It was done!

That was Easy. Check out Key Ring in the Android Market

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