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Demo 3G.. Droid Doesn't

It almost pains me that I have to post this but I must keep people informed of what I find out. Of course others have known this long before me but I just realized this today. I think I realized it today because I’ve always carried more than one smart phone so I never thought about this until now…

Did you know in 3G markets the Droid can’t talk and browse the web at the same time?

Did you know that only GSM phones can?

I tried it myself I used my cliq (Tmobile) and called my Moment to establish a call. From there I used the google search, browsed the internet and didn’t even kill pandora. All working great on Tmobiles G1

Then I used My Droid and called my MT3G and tried to do the same, endless timeout circles in the corner of the phone. I wasnt really conscious of this before but I also started to notice after long calls that I get a flurry of emails and texts into my droid further making me realize that Droid Does NOT multi-task as much as Id like to think.

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