2 Awesome Contests, 4 Awesome Android Prizes!

We’ve got two awesome Android contests running right now. If you spent the weekend under a rock we want to quickly bring you up to speed.

First off we are giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the “Sing For Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” contest.  We’re sure you’re aware of singing for your supper, but now we want you to sing for a Galaxy Tab 10.1.

You see last Wednesday Samsung and Best Buy began selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at the Union Square Best Buy in New York City. They even had 3 time Grammy Award winner Ne-Yo there to perform his newest hit song “tonight” and two others. Since Ne-Yo Sang with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 we want you to sing for it.

Details after the break

Here’s what you do:
– Write a song about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
– make sure it’s between 1 and 2 minutes long
– record yourself, on video singing the song
– upload the video onto youtube and share it with us and via twitter.
– Make sure the video is uploaded by 11:59pm (eastern time) this Thursday night
– We will put all the videos on Thedroidguy.com on a voting page
– Friends, family members, co-workers, Android fans etc will vote all weekend long
– after the weekend the winner will be the person with the most votes and they will receive a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from our friends at Samsung Mobile.

Contest Number 2

Thedroidguy.com and Bitbop are giving away 3 4G/LTE Android devices from Verizon Wireless and they are winners choice between the Samsung Droid Charge, The HTC Thunderbolt and The LG Revolution.

We will draw winners for the next three Fridays starting this Friday June 17, 2011

This one is really easy.
– From your Android device, or other phone go to https://m.bitbop.com  take a screen shot or a camera pic
– post the pic to twitter with and add:

” I follow @bitbop and @thedroidguy & I want to win a Verizon 4G/LTE #Android device https://goo.gl/zgOF8 ”

– You can increase your chances of winning by tweeting multiple times. You can use the same photo if you’d like or take new ones but every tweet must have a photo to be a valid entry.

– The tweet must be linked to a photo
– you can tweet as often as you’d like the more tweets the better your chance at winning. *NOTE THOUGH THAT ON FRIDAY NIGHTS THE SHORTLINK IN THE TWEET WILL CHANGE.
– You can tweet the same photo as well but the tweet MUST have a photo.
– in the event your device is not compatible for some reason take the screen shot or photo of the Bit Bop website www.bitbop.com

How long is the contest: It goes from Friday June 10th to Friday June 21st

How many winners will there be:  There will be 3 different winners ,once you win you can not win again

I don’t understand the prize:  The prize is your choice of a Samsung Droid Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, or LG Revolution.

How many prizes are there: There are 3 prizes total but they are winners choice so if all three different winners want the same phone that’s fine

What if my twitter account gets suspended for excessive tweeting: That’s on you but as long as we’ve been on twitter you only get suspended for spamming if reported, so try not to upset your followers

Why a picture: Well of course the purpose of this contest is to educate people about Bit Bop. But after all the prize pigs in our past few big contests the picture allows for us to know at least your actively participating.

When will I get my prize: Prize fulfillment will be done by Bit Bop. Your prize will ship within 2 weeks of winning.

What if I don’t have Verizon? sign up, gift the device to a friend or family member with Verizon. But it’s yours to keep.

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