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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Problems [Troubleshooting Guides]

We’ve received a lot of emails from our readers seeking help as their Galaxy S5 won’t charge or has issues charging. A charging problem is as bad as no power at all. What would you do if your phone’s battery is completely drained?


Sure, you can buy a new battery to power it up but do you want to buy a new one every day? The other option is to buy an external battery charger but then it’s also too much of a hassle to open that back cover and replace the battery every time it’s drained.

Majority of the problems we received related to charging issues were minor; some were caused by apps, others by a glitch in the firmware, and a few were purely hardware-related problems.

I cited five different charging issues in this post. All these were sent by our readers. If you have a problem charging your Galaxy S5. If the issues below does not fit your experience, feel free to drop us a note on our questionnaire form and help will try to help you out.

  1. Galaxy S5 charges very slowly
  2. Galaxy S5 charges slow and heats up
  3. Galaxy S5 won’t charge at all
  4. Galaxy S5 won’t charge in car
  5. Galaxy S5 won’t charge after being submerged in water

Galaxy S5 charges very slowly

Problem: My Galaxy S5 is more than a year old already but it still gets the job done. Performance-wise, I really can’t complain about it. As of late, however, I noticed my phone is charging very slow. Like when I leave it plugged in overnight, the battery percentage is around 70% when I wake up in the morning. Before, the battery would be fully charged in the morning. I really don’t understand why it’s doing this now especially that I’ve taken care of it. I am not really into fixing electronic problems but if you can shed light to this problem and guide me how to fix it, that would be great. Thank you. — Kal

Troubleshooting: Hey Kal. It sounds like it’s actually just an app or a group of apps that’s causing this problem especially that you mentioned it started just recently. My question is, have you installed an app prior to this problem? If so, disabling it or uninstalling may fix the slow charging issue. However, if you didn’t install an app, then it’s difficult to know which one actually causes the trouble. So, I suggest, you boot the phone in safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps.

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key.
  3. When ‘Samsung Galaxy S5’ appears on the screen, release the Power key.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key.
  5. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
  6. Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  7. Release the Volume down key when you see Safe Mode.

With the Galaxy S5 running in barebones, try plugging it in and see if it charges normally this time. If so, then our suspicion that it’s a third-party app that’s causing the problem is confirmed. You just have to find the app and uninstall it. However, if the problem persists even when in safe mode, you have no other choice but to backup all your data and perform factory reset.

Galaxy S5 charges slow and heats up

Problem: Hello Harold. I have been reading some of your posts on troubleshooting and you explained well how some of the problems I encountered happened. One of the issues I experienced, however, I can’t find any information in your site. My Galaxy S5 is now charging very slowly and not only that, it heats up really bad to the point that I fear it might explode. I would greatly appreciate your effort if you help me fix the problem as it will give me peace of mind.

By the way, if I may add, some of my pictures disappeared almost the same time as when the slow charging and heating up occurred. It just perplexed my mind, you know. Thank you for taking time reading this email. Sincerely, Anne.

Troubleshooting: Hi Anne. Based on the description you provided, it seems to me that the cause of this problem is a corrupt or damaged microSD card.

There are different factors that may lead to the slow charging and the heating up of your phone but when you mentioned that some of your pictures disappeared by the time those two issues started, there’s nothing else I can think of.

When the microSD card becomes corrupted or damaged, naturally, the phone won’t be able to detect or read from it. But since it has been mounted, the device will try to read it over and over again until the service that handles the function will use too much resources including the battery. Consequently, the phone will heat up as the CPU is on hyper drive trying to access a storage device that doesn’t function the way it should.

The quick battery draining issue and the heating up of the phone will be fixed by simply removing the microSD card from the phone. However, the pictures that were lost may not be recovered depending on the condition of the card.

So, unmount the microSD card from your phone, use a card reader and let your laptop or computer read from it. If the computer immediately prompts you to reformat it, then there’s nothing you can do about the data inside. However, if the computer can read from the SD card, then backup everything in it while you still can.

Of course, buying a new microSD card is your best bet.

Galaxy S5 won’t charge at all

Problem: Hi team. I am hoping you guys can help me fix the problem with my Galaxy S5. Its battery got depleted so fast yesterday but when I tried plugging it in to charge, it didn’t charge at all. Being just a user, I really don’t know what to do next to fix this problem. In fact, I haven’t done anything with the phone yet. I tried to search online for solutions and I found your site and the email to contact you, so here I am awaiting your response. Can you guide me what to do to fix the problem? — Mariko

Troubleshooting: Hello Mariko! Since you haven’t done any troubleshooting procedure yet, there’s one thing I want you to do first–soft reset. Don’t worry, this procedure will not delete any of the data in your phone.

  1. While the phone is on, open the back cover and pull the battery out.
  2. Without its battery, press and hold the Power key for a minute.
  3. Now place the battery back in and the back cover.
  4. Try to charge the phone.

If the phone charges, then problem solved, otherwise, troubleshoot further. Now, let’s talk about other possibilities here:

  1. Damaged charger or cable.
  2. Busted battery.
  3. Phone hardware problem.

If possible, try using a different charger and if the problem persists, then the issue is narrowed down to just the battery or the phone. It is up to you if you will buy or borrow a new battery but I tell you, there’s no guarantee it’s a battery issue. So, I suggest you let a technician take a look at your phone. It’s up to the tech to try a different battery or troubleshoot the hardware immediately.

Galaxy S5 won’t charge in car

Problem: Hi droid guy. The new Galaxy S5 I have doesn’t want to charge in my car but it charges fine using the original charger. I bought a new car charger thinking the older one is defective but the new charger won’t work either. It’s not really a big problem as I can charge my phone through the wall outlet but it would be helpful if I can charge my phone in my car. Help me, please. — James

Troubleshooting: Hey James. Basing on your description, I think the problem is with the cable. The phone doesn’t have any charging issues as it charges fine using the original charger and the new car charger you bought is, of course, not defective considering the fact it’s tested before being released from a retail store.

If you were using the same cable, then that’s where the problem lies. Otherwise, the issue is with the car or the port where you plug the car charger in.

Galaxy S5 won’t charge after being submerged in water

Problem: I accidentally dropped my Galaxy S5 in the sink filled with water one day but I immediately picked it up. It was turned off when I inspected it and I was suspecting water found its way into the device. I tried to dry it off for a few minutes, wiped it off with a dry cloth and then turned it on. It did turn on and it functioned the way it should. On that same day, the battery got drained so I plugged it in but it wouldn’t charge. Whatever I do, it won’t charge.

Another thing I noticed is that the battery actually drained so fast. When I turned it on after it fell in the water, the battery was 87% but it got drained completely after two hours with minimal use. So, I’m a bit worried now. How can a water-proof phone gets damaged by water? What can I do to fix this? — Sheng

Troubleshooting: Hello Sheng! The Galaxy S5 is “water-resistant,” not “waterproof.” Meaning, water can still find it’s way into the device especially if the rubber that seals the charging port is loose and the cover is not properly snapped.

So, based on your description, I, too, think water entered the device and somehow messed with the components and the circuit. That might be the reason why the battery drained faster than before.

The thing with water damage is that we really cannot assess properly the extent of the damage but there’s one component that can easily be damaged–the charging IC. And that seems to be the problem here.

There’s nothing you can do about this problem but to let the technician take a look at your device. One more thing, water damage isn’t covered by warranty so, you cannot request a replacement unit and you’ll have to pay for the service.

Having problems with your phone that’s not charging?

We can help you troubleshoot. We already published troubleshooting guides for the following devices:

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  1. Thanks for the good tips…Got my battery charging again…Did purchase a S3 charge cord, but it did not charge the battery….Returned to multiple single charge cords and finally found one to charge the battery…Cant let the battery charge get below 20% or problems charging begins again…While charging, have turn phone to power off to begin charging….Cant understand why the New S3 charge cord wont charge the battery….The original S3 would chare the battery completely in an hour….Now using the single charge cord takes a minimum of 4 hours to charge the phone…when down to 30%…I know this phone still has an issue, but what and how to fix it correctly is unknown Any advice will be appreciated…. Thank You.

  2. My S5 stopped charging its battery. Did the soft reset and now it works fine. Thanks, much appreciated!

  3. Thanks. My S5 stopped charging. I followed your solution of taking the battery out and holding the power button down for a minute. It did the trick.

    Saved me some cash!


  4. Thank you so much for this article – was pretty worried when my phone wouldn’t charge so the soft reset was a godsend!

  5. Seems the charging port starts to get loose as soon as the warranty expires. I have to charge wirelessly nowadays…

  6. Hi, out of nowhere my S5 phone decided it didnt want to charge.I thought it may have been the charger i was using so i tried atleast 3 others and it still wouldnt work. So i tried changing the batterys then plugging the charger it and it still wouldnt work so i assumed it was the charging port. Took it to a tech place and they said the charging port was fine but they still couldnt figure out what was wrong. It pops up with a yellow triangle with ! in it. So we left the phone off and left it on the charger, turned the phone on and it had charged atleast half the battery but still doesnt show or say that its charging when the phone is on. But once i take the battery out and put it back in then turn it on the batterys drained and turns off straight away. I wouldnt have a clue on what to do now, whether to try a different tech place. Considering they kept my phone for a week trying to figure out what to do. PLEASE HELP ME ANYONE!!!!!!!

  7. UPDATE: Phone battery now completely dead; pressing power button does not do ANYTHING, or even press and hold!
    What do I do now???

  8. Hi Droid Guy, My S5 is not charging at all. It stopped charging while I was playing WordTrek, and failed to charge after that. My battery was low when the problem started, and now the battery is dead, with completely no way to charge it that I know of. I tried multiple chargers on it, none of them seemed to charge my phone. I cannot even boot up my phone to the S5 logo (the screen flickers then goes off and when you press and hold the power button, the screen stays on but goes off when button is released). Any way for you to help???

  9. hey, my s5 active died around 80 percent battery (first time this has happened) and would not turn back on. I tried plugging it in and the screen shows the battery icon for a second, vibrates and then goes black again. It continues this process with about a 4 to 5 sec gap between battery icons. I tried using different chargers, removing the battery and holding the power button, checked the charging port, plugged it into my computer (but can’t debug since can’t stay on to establish a connection). if I hold the power button and down volume button down together the Samsung screen does appear but it does the same thing as the battery icon (on and off). So is my only solution to buy a new battery or does any one have an idea of what I could try?

  10. hey so my galaxy s5 won’t charge unless its plugged in the compute i did a factory reset and usb debug but its still not working any ideas ?

  11. Were you plug the phone in the little panel is bent tried to straighten them not charging very well know anyone that works on them please

  12. Thanks. Take the battery out and hold the power button for 1 minute worked a treat. Much appreciated.

  13. My galaxy s5 won’t charge while it’s on, and when I turn it off and plug it in it just blinks the battery charging and turns off, it used to say “use the correct charger for this device” even though that was what I was using. Now i have to turn it off and let it “charge” over night without knowing if it’s actually charging

  14. I have the same S5 phone and I went with it in the lake all summer, underwater and all… Nothing happened. Being able to do this was the idea of getting this models. 6 months later, now my phone is charging very, very slow.. no water activities since summer.

  15. Thank you so muchos!!!!! I fixed my s5 charging problem by pressing the power button without the battery for one full minute as you said and it worked again! You saved me a ton of time money and effort! Keep up the great work

  16. After an over night charge my S5 isnt responding now …i try to switch it on but it doesnt….. i have also tried to remove the battery and place it back again but it has done any good ……..pls help !!!

  17. I did the soft reset and my phone still won’t charge but when I did the reset my phone was at 1% life. After it was at 33%. I did the soft reset again and it jumped to 38%. Any ideas what coudl be causing this?

  18. my phone is still not charging and i follow all the steps of how to make my phone charge…. is it my phone that dosent want to charge or the battery???

  19. Just got a new “used” S5. Use it a lot for work, getting dispatched through service calls. Saturday night it decides it doesn’t like being charged. The soft reset option seems to have resolved the issue. Thank you very much Harold.

  20. My Samsung S5 seems to have a problem with the charger port. It will charge but only if the cable is “just right” and that isn’t easy to make happen. I’m thinking that I need a new charger cable or perhaps the issue is within the phone. If it’s the phone, can it be fixed?

  21. thanks it worked- phone was not charging and i removed battery and held on to power button for one minute. 🙂

  22. I m haveing the charging problem it is showing that i m mot using samsung cable while i tried with the new one also and in safe mode also there is the same problem only so whats the solution of this

  23. I dropped my S5 on my pool step and it was in a lifeproof and when i wen5 to charge it it would charge for a second and then wouldnt charge again. It never turned off or anything like that it just stopped charging.

  24. My s5 doesn’t want to stay charging. I will plug it in and it will charge for short amounts of time, but stop. Then about eight or nine times every minute it will bounce between charging and not charging. I bought a new chord thinking it was an issue with the cord, but this problem persists. I have only had this phone for about a month and a half. Please help.

  25. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS! My phone (AT&T Note 4) was sitting on the charger most of the day. It heated up like it was charging but didn’t charge at all. As you suggested, I removed the battery, held the power button, then put it back together. It worked! Thank you for your help!

  26. Hi guys, I have just returned to Cape Town from a trip to Turkey and found that the only way I can charge my S5 is through my laptop via USB….car charger has stopped working and mains charger too. I attempted to charge it on the plane work but no success…..any ideas? Swopped cables etc so know that isn’t a problem….would like to have your comments! Thanks James

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