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Samsung to offer replacements to Galaxy Note 7 owners

Galaxy Note 7

#Samsung has finally issued a statement on the state of the situation surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 and its faulty battery. Acknowledging that there have only been 35 reported cases of the battery exploding so far, the company has mentioned that it will work closely with its retail partners around the world to offer replacement units to those who have already purchased the handset. This is pretty courageous by Samsung, but could turn out to hurt them deeply, especially with the new Apple iPhones incoming.

It is not known at this point if the company will let you get a refund in lieu of the replacement unit, although we expect Samsung to make that clear enough soon. Customers will not have to pay a dime to Samsung as this is a voluntary replacement by the company owing to a device flaw (battery cell).

It must be said that the entire episode has hurt Samsung’s credibility a great deal. It will be interesting to see if the Korena manufacturer will be able to crawl back from this.

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  1. Regarding “returns”, as opposed to “exchanges”, while I can’t speak for what carriers in other countries are doing, but, within the US, most carriers are giving the option to return. Unfortunately, not all the carriers are doing the exchange/return in the manner that Samsung has laid out. Using Verizon as a perfect example (reading in various forums, this information can be easily found), they are pushing customers to either return (no restocking fee…geez, thanks…for nothing), or exchange for a Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Adding to the confusion, different customer service people (corporate, as well as in-store) are giving customers different…and, sometimes, contradictory…information. I’ve asked the same question of four Verizon employees, and gotten four different answers. Maybe the worse part of how Verizon is handling this is that they’ve created a (false) “return/exchange by” date of September 30, and, when asking about this, I was told that the September 30 date is by directive of Samsung. Let me tell you, this did NOT come from Samsung. I have confirmed this with multiple Samsung employees, and the September 30 “return/exchange by” is Verizon’s own creation. By doing this, they are, in essence, violating Samsung’s recall.

    I could write an entire chapter going into greater detail, but, to keep this short, there are reports from around the world that various carriers are causing people problems in regards to returning/exchanging their Note 7 handsets. Unfortunately, some people are getting pissed enough that they are blaming Samsung for the return/exchange problems, even though these problems are with the carriers…NOT Samsung. I had one customer service person pushing me so hard to just exchange for the S7/S7 Edge, that she even went so far as to tell me that, if I didn’t return/exchange by September 30…even if it was due to Verizon not receiving enough replacement Note 7s by said date…that, at that point,. my only option would be to pay the phone off, and use it as a “trade-in”.

    Now, one area where Samsung is at fault is that they have chosen not to utilize governmental consumer recall “rules”. Initially, I was of the belief that this was alright, as Samsung was going “above & beyond” what they had to do, as they could have just offered to replace the defective units…instead, they’re offering to replace all Note 7s. Unfortunately, this “choice” means that Samsung can move at whatever timetable they wish in getting the replacements out, and (even worse) the carriers can handle the return/exchange in (almost) any manner they choose. What was initially a fantastic “good-will” offering has turned into a fiasco.

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