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Blue Coral and Silver models of the Galaxy Note 7 supposedly hit by supply issues

Galaxy Note 7 Render

Have you pre-ordered the Blue Coral or Silver version of the Galaxy Note 7? Well, you might have to wait longer to get your hands on the device. A new report mentions that Samsung is facing supply related issues for the two models, with the company seeing a shocking number of pre-orders for the Blue Coral model. It is said that the Korean manufacturer simply did not expect there to be demand in this scale, and is hence caught playing catch up to honor the pre-order commitments.

Sources familiar with the matter suggest that it might take up to three weeks for these orders to be fulfilled, which is a disappointment for the customers. However, it’s still early days and we haven’t heard anything concrete from Samsung yet, so we’re hoping against hope that the supply issue turns out to be a hoax.

Did you pre-order the Blue Coral or the Silver Titanium version of the Galaxy Note 7?

Via: Android Central

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  1. I preordered my Blue Coral Note 7 August 8th, and received my beautiful Blue Coral Note 7 from FedEX yesterday early afternoon, right on schedule !!! I had a hunch that the Blue Coral model would sell out quickly, which is one reason why I preordered. I wanted to wait until next year, when the price drops, but I really wanted to take advantage of the free 256GB Micro-SD Card and the Blue Coral color. I missed out on the White models for my Note 3 and Note 4, and did not want to miss out on the Blue Coral. Rockin’ my Note 7 for around 29 hours so far ….. Runs very smooth with Touch Wiz, but have run into a few issues …. My Note 7 will not read files on my Samsung 1TB Harddrive. My Note 3 and Note 4 read the files just fine. Also, there is no feature to safely eject flashdrives or harddrives, which has me concerned about corrupting my files …..

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