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Latest Galaxy Note 7 leak confirms the existence of USB C, Samsung Cloud and a 3,500 mAh battery

Galaxy Note 7 Render

A leak emerging out of multiple sources has confirmed a few hardware details of the upcoming #GalaxyNote7 flagship. This was to be expected as we’re less than a week away from the arrival of the handset. It is said that the leak comes from a reliable source who has actually seen the device, so it’s as legit as it can get.

The leak reveals that Samsung will introduce its own cloud storage service known as Samsung Cloud, with 5GB of free storage offered to new buyers of the phone. Further, the handset is confirmed to be sporting a USB Type-C port. In order to not alienate those with an abundance of micro USB charging cables, Samsung will also offer a USB C to micro USB adapter (with the phone) which should let you charge the device using older cables as well. This explains why Samsung didn’t implement USB C with the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge.

The 5.7-inch Quad HD curved edge display is said to be accompanied by Corning’s freshly announced Gorilla Glass 5, which should ensure added durability on the new flagship. The source has mentioned that the smartphone will be officially available for purchase on August 19 (on T-Mobile anyway), following the August 2 announcement.

The rest of the hardware specs are as follows:

  • 12-megapixel rear camera
  • 5-megapixel front camera
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • 3,500 mAh battery
  • Iris scanner, fingerprint scanner
  • IP68 certified water/dust resistant

Via: 9to5Google, Talk Android


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  1. Ok, as usual I agree with the what most of you are saying. Lets not totally kick it to the curb. Keep your Note 4 for 5 years if you want. Bottom line is have an open mind instead of being so damn negative. First off lets see speed tests with opening apps, how really the picture quality will be. All the bench tests against a new Note 4 against a Note 5. I will wait as usual for the “2nd build, 3 build” before I buy it the day it comes out which I have to say is moronic. Sorry to whoever does that but it’s plain stupid. Really aimed at Apple users. Have some patience and lets see what it can do. It will really shock me if these Note 7 doesn’t seriously out perform my Note 4 on every single bench tests and everything else. Biggest problem for “us” the more serious user and extreme users are we are a very small percentage of complainers compared to your avg Note user. That’s the biggest problem. Stay positive. Saying you are never going to ever buy Samsung product ever again and threat them with boycotts and telling everyone you know……DOESN’T WORK. You can get 5000 signatures. Won’t matter. So if it sucks? Go with LG. Done. Don’t sweat this stuff. Unreal how so many people get all uptight because the magically SD card is going away. Who cares. That mobile memory item is STUPID. It’s like a damn flash drive that can get damaged a lot easier. Use the cloud and stop losing sleep over it. The battery thing? Oh i’ll fight a in trenches with you on that one. Just be resonable and level headed guys. Take care.

  2. Perhaps. The Note 4 can be set at f/2 aperture… which is the same with the Note 7. I’d like to see more detail/explanation over the N7 chip as far as how it would possibly play into more light at faster speeds because Aperture is Aperture.

  3. Camera megapixels don’t tell the whole story- what makes a camera good is the chip that gathers light (faster=better) , so it’s possible it’s a better camera, though I’ve seen new phones that were inferior to the old one often enough that I’d wait for the reviews before buying…

    And Samsung (and other phone makers) is now in the same boat as car manufacturers, who carefully only put one or two new features into their cars each year in order to have something new to offer next year.

  4. Meh. Underwhelming. Did they screw this one up by gluing the battery into it like the iPhone idiocy? We’re never going to buy into that nonsense Samsung, so just stop it. I’ll buy another brand of smartphone or stick with my note 4, paying less each time before I buy a phone that makes me one of those retarded wall huggers.

  5. What??? 12MP FF camera??? My Note 4 has 16MP camera and f/2. Don’t see much here that makes it worth considering an upgrade.

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