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New 3D render of the Galaxy Note 6 reveals design identical to the Galaxy S7 edge


Galaxy Note 6 - 3D Render

The Samsung #GalaxyNote6 is expected to be revealed by early August according to a recent leak. As we countdown to the official unveiling of the device, a new 3D render is now giving us a good idea of what to expect from the handset. The render was developed by the folks at @OnLeaks and looks pretty legitimate. We say this because the source has been very accurate with device leaks before.

It is said that the handset looks very similar to the Galaxy S7 edge in terms of design, which indicates that the company could only have one flagship to show off in August. Of course, there have also been reports which indicated that there would be a separate ‘edge’ flagship launching alongside the new Galaxy Note, but we’re yet to gain more clarity on that.

The Galaxy Note 6 here looks pretty sweet and we love the fact that it has a curved/edge display too. What do you make of this particular render, sound off in the comments section below.

Source: uSwitch

Via: SamMobile


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  1. Still using the Note 3, got it when VZW did pre orders. In the past I usually upgrade every 12 months but have not been enticed to do so by current offerings. That being said if the note 6 is waterproof like my S4 and it has a battery I can swap, and a memory storage card slot, I think I’ll go for it and cxl my S4’s plan as I wont need it for my “WetPhone” anymore. The Note 3 is the first phone since smartphones came out that I’ve not replaced under the VZW Total Phone Care program within the first 12 months….its taken a licking and still tickin. Thanks Samsung.

  2. If battery is not removable Note 5 will be my last Samsung device…..to dependent on the charging cord…..

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