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How to Fix Your LG G4 that won’t Turn on or Boot Up

LG phones are some of the best products on the market – but no company is immune to technical foibles. But, unfortunately, the consumer level, a phone that will not turn on properly boot up is pretty worthless. You may be experiencing this problem if you’re phone does not turn on, or starts and then shuts off.

Luckily, if you are experiencing this problem with your LG G4 phone, there’s a solution – and you can have your phone up and running again a no time.

Always remember that if your phone is damaged or the body of the phone is physically broken, the best option is always to make an appointment at the retail location where you purchased your phone, or a retail location for your carrier that sells LG G4’s.

If your LG G4 won’t turn on, simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect the charger that came with your LG G4 into your phone and an applicable wall socket. Wait several minutes, and then attempt to turn on your phone.
  2. If that does not work, inspect your phone to make sure neither the charger or your bad report are damaged. Inspect the back of the phone to check for any overheating issues. Make sure that no dirt for other debris is stuck inside the charting port. Do the same once you remove the battery from the back phone. Dirt and debris may find its way under the battery and cause issues with the phone.
  3. Next, if your phone will still not turn on by itself, attempt a forced restart. Press and hold the power keeper 30 seconds. Once the phone begins to turn on, you can release the power key. Afterwards, always be sure to verify that your phone is running the most recent software. You can do this by checking for software updates from your settings menu. If not, install any and all updates. These are released to ensure your phone’s maximum efficiency.
  4. If you still experience trouble, you can perform a hardware factory reset via an LG dealer or a carrier retail location that specializes in LG phones. Beware that a hardware factory reset will erase everything on your phone that did not come pre-installed – and the data will be permanently lost.
    • make sure device is off (you can simply remove the battery then put it back in)
    • press and hold the volume down button and the power key simultaneously for a couple seconds then release, Android System recovery screen should appear
    • scroll down by pressing the volume down key to wipe data/factory reset and press power key to select
    • scroll down again by pressing volume down key to yes and press the power button
      after data is wiped, press the power key to reboot
  5. master reboot should initiate and your phone should be back to original factory settings
    When in doubt, always make an appointment with an LG dealer or a retail location specializing in LG phones. Today, consumers need their phones more than ever. Make sure that your phone is healthy and functional by following these simple steps.


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  1. Hello, my phone LG G4 just stopped working from one moment to the other, I’ve tryed the full reset, and now doesn’t even turn on! Is there an other possible way to turn it on, or, to reset it without the phone being with the Power On? The odd part of the story is that the Guarantee just expired (coincidence I try to believe!). Thank you for the support provided if/when possible.

  2. phone died last night , first the screen froze then i removed the battery to restart the unit but it never recovered. Is there a chance to bring life back into this LG G4 ?

  3. My LG G4 died on 21-Mar-2017. I talked with LG support, they are not aware of this being a systemic manufacturing defect or are refusing to acknowledge it.
    I have mailed in my unit, awaiting repair estimate, since my unit is out of warranty.
    The news about the class-action lawsuit can be found at:
    as well as other news sites.
    Not sure how to join in on the class-action lawsuit.
    I’ll post what estimate I receive. Brian Ingram reported the repair estimate of $70 to $80.

  4. My LG phone just died this afternoon. the battery was about 70% at the time. I could not get it to reboot. I tried charging it and calling it from my landline but could not get through. The Verizon store service was just awful, not very helpful but they ordered another one, same model. I hope I do not have the same issues that I have with this one when it comes in but after reading some of these reviews, I haven’t got much hope.

  5. My phone just did the same thing last evening. My husband had the boot loop issue this seems different. I just called verizon to see if the company is accepting responsibility for the phone issue this time. Saturday is not a good day to call them. I was sent to I-phone tech support then who knows where from that. I have used Verizon for years because of CS but it certainly is not what it used to be. If they cannot assist me in a resolution I am going to try new cell service. ATT possibly

  6. Same issue happened yesterday. It was working fine, no warnings and then just shut off. It won’t turn on, nor does it appear to charge. One month out of warranty. My first pricey phone and this shit happens. Will also never buy LG products.

  7. I was listening to my phone in the car yesterday evening and all of a sudden it just failed. I take the battery out and put it back in; it acts as if it wants to start then shuts down. I have the original charger; it charged all night, still no screen. Had this phone only one year, still like new. Just paid it off and out of nowhere it just stops working, no overheating, damage, anything!!

  8. Mine as well. Same problem. Just happened today, but I’m in Denmark so perhaps its a bit delayed.

  9. Ok, mine too went South. Called LG they told me that it is a software update that they rolled out that was not compatible with the motherboard. They offered to fix it at no cost.
    So there is a major issue with the LG G4 Smartphone. As of 2 weeks ago LG pushed out a update that was not compatible with the LG G4 Main Board and it shuts the phone down completely. Bricked! Mine went down 20 minutes ago. I called LG and they are aware of the problem and offered to repair it for free. Unfortunately I have to ship it to them and will be without a phone for upwards of a week.

    Hi Mr. Courrier,

    We apologize for the inconveniences you are currently experiencing with your LG Mobile Phone. Please send the phone for repair to our service center without any charges, below are the important details needed for the repair.

    >In a box/package, please include your name, contact number, email address, home address, IMEI#, carrier, code for bootloop (G4BOOT), case number (CNN17032xxxxxxxx), approval number (APNxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and if you can find your proof of purchase just include it in the package as well.

    >Send it to : FutureTel ON
    570 Alden Road Unit 12
    Markham, ON, L3R 8N5

    >Please use this Purolator account 167-xxx-xxx to send it in at no cost.

    >Please use a bubble wrap to avoid any damages during shipment and remove the sim card, memory/sd card, battery(if removable) and back cover

    Thank you and God bless!

    LG Canada

  10. Did all this just happen in March 2017? Mine did the same thing. I even went and bought a new battery thinking it would help. Nothing! Not even the LED indicator lights up when I plug it in. Phone worked great, finished a call. put the phone down, picked it up and thought the battery died. Nope. The phone just died. out of nowhere. No damage, no water, never dropped and always in a case. so frustrating.

  11. My phone just did the same thing! LG customer support was extremely not helpful. FYI they extended the warranty from 12 months to 15 months (how nice of them right) for this phone for this reason i was told… anyone else is own their own. The service rep. kept telling me to do a factory reset, which obviously won’t fix the problem, then to return it but i will be charged the repair cost. .. another person on this forum stated 70$$. Looks like LG just lost another customer seeing as i’m a month out of warranty. Shame on LG for not standing by their faulty (and well known about) product. I plan on contacting the BBB about this experience, I recommend others do the same.

  12. My LG G4 just did this today. Out of the blue went to the black screen with logo…. I’ve tried to factor reset and it gets stuck on yes… This is frustrating! One year into this phone….

  13. I too have had the same problem with my phone, it happened at the end of February, i felt the phone was getting ridiculously hot in my bag so turned it off then when i tried to start it up again it just froze on the lg screen and wont come back on. Gutted as cant access all of my pictures.

  14. My LG died Friday, March 17th. I received a replacement phone on the 21st and it promptly died today, Wednesday, March 22nd.

  15. Just saw that there was a lawsuit filed today against LG in California .
    Everyone needs to look at story we all have the same problems.

  16. I am having the same problem with my LG G4 phone. Today the phone screen suddenly froze and didn’t turn on. I tried all the mentioned techniques to get it started but none of them work. Please LG do something and help us to save our beautiful memories which are save in the phone.

  17. Life’s not good after my Lg went totally blank on 18th March 2017.
    Still trying Hard to revive it, by reading on different sites and by visiting the Lg service center here. I have been a proud owner of this phone and enjoyed capturing beautiful moments with my Lg G4 for the past one and a half year, without any issues at all. Very sorry to be stuck like this, need to save and back up stuff from my phone. After reading all the comments here, am more shocked as to how come So many of us are stuck with the same problem, same time. Lg pls do something and help us come out with a solution to save our phones along with all the important pics and data stored in it.

  18. Another one that has died, black screen only, can the LG logo if you hold the power button for 30sec but nothing else. This is crap, First and LAST LG phone!

  19. Same happened to me yesterday. The phone was keep on rebooting itself and at once finally it got turned off and never came back. I tried all the possibilities provided online to get to the hard factory reset. Changed batteries, tried hard reset, tried to get in to safe mode. Nothing worked out. Did LG sent out any update yesterday to all G4’s ? Please post the solution if one was able to get back to the screen.

  20. Left the phone charging one night, woke up and found it dead. Subsequent attempts to boot it up have not gone beyond the “LG Life is good” screen. A little ironic I would think. I saw below that LG has has accepted that there is a manufacturing defect.

  21. Guys…it happened to me too….infact just today! my phone had about 40 percent battery left, I was just about to check the text from my employer….it turned off and wouldn’t start, even after taking the battery out….if any of you guys know the quick fix, please let me know!! :(, it is really sad on LG’s part #wtf !

  22. Mines was on charge about 13% i was standing up with it on charge texting my friends i took a screenshot it froze and turned off !!!!!!!!!!! t_T whats happening with LGs?????? Im on youtube trying ot find a problem…im googling suggestions….im even trying Phone Companion on my laptop still nothing..

  23. Mine just died as well… I’m so sad!!! All my pictures and videos! 🙁
    Surely, this must be a problem with LG

  24. I went online to LG registered the fault. Lg rang me the next day (I gave my mums number online.) giving me a registration number. They arranged a pick up of my broken phone with no questions asked They did need the receipt This was ok for me because I bought it from amazon. They repaired my phone and it’s working fine again. It took less than a week. So contact them and get your phone fixed.

  25. Mine died yesterday! I tried to charge it overnight but it still won’t open, also whenever I open it without the battery and just a charger it shows an battery image with a blinking “?” mark and if I put the battery the “LG life is good” logo shows up once or twice then just poof nothing happens just back to black screen.

    – My Phone still has a space on it.
    – It has a battery.
    – The Charger is newly bought.
    – My phone is almost 1 year!

    Now, I don’t know if I back it up or not!!!

  26. My lg g4 just died today at sbout 2:30pm while I was online. Whats the deal with this happening, and happening to everyone the past 3 days?

    too crazy, or is LG doing something.

  27. Mine just did it as I was texting a friend. Froze up then just died. And cannot get it to boot up either. Is this an LG problem all of a sudden?

  28. I’ve looked into this a bit, and for my problem in particular it looks like it’s a boot looping issue, mainly to do with the motherboard with the most speculation being the heat sensors on the main chip / the main chips connection to the motherboard. LG formally recognised the issue with the G4 models January 2016.
    If it’s under warranty then LG will replace the phone for you. Contact your service provider or the place you bought the phone from. There is no fix for saving data though.
    If it’s not under warranty any more, there are some temporary ‘fixes’ on youtube involving putting the phone in the fridge (with moisture protection) and putting a hairdryer to the main chip for 7 minutes and tutorials on how to get to the main chip. I DO NOT endorse either of these actions. If you choose try these things it is completely at your own risk. You should not try these things until you are ready to throw the phone in the bin as you can do serious damage to the phone. It is a last resort.
    Some people have said they have gotten between 60 seconds to 6 hours life out of the phone before it has died again but this has allowed them to recover data.
    It looks pretty terminal and I’ll be expecting big things from LG’s customer service or I wont be buying from them again and will be recommending that nobody else does too.
    Good luck!

  29. Mine died sometime last night while I was sleeping. I left it on the bedside table next to me, unplugged. When I awoke this morning it was dead. Thought the battery died so I plugged it in. Nothing. Tried another charger. Nothing. Pulled the back off to inspect the battery and nothing visually appears to be wrong with it. Tried all the booting methods with it plugged in and nothing.

    I will be headed to my provider store when it opens. I hope the insurance I’ve paid for the past 18 months will be put to good use today! Damn.

  30. The same happened with my LG G4 two hours ago, stopped working suddenly and not responding to turn on or hard rests and not charging, completely dead !!!

  31. Mine died tonight on the 11th of March at around 18:00 GMT.
    Anyone know of a resolution for this? I’m going to have to go back to using my old phone just so I have an alarm to wake up for work.
    Tried resets, recharging multiple ways, plugging into the PC, nothing is working.

  32. Mine died March 11. Was using it at full charge and set it down. A minute later it wouldn’t turn on and none of the suggestions have worked to turn it on.

  33. Mine died on March 11 2017, I was trying to use google maps when it went dead. I bought a new battery and still won’t go pass the boot logo screen. All i get is a black screen.

  34. same thing here… the screen glitched, went black, and now won’t turn on. this happened to me a few months ago and it apparently is a problem with this model. they replaced it but this is BS!!!

  35. Mine’s been having minor screen issues for a few months now, but on March 10th (yesterday) it froze and won’t turn on for more than a few seconds after booting it up, and that requires a battery removal and replacement.

  36. my died on mar 10 2017 also whats up with this? was checking my facebook the thing frooze took out the battery now it wont turn on

  37. what’s going on? Curious as to why all of our LG G4s literally stopped working like all at the same time?

  38. I am having the same problem. My LG4 refused to come back to life. I have tried everything. It just powered off right in front of me about an hour ago.

  39. This same thing happened to me at work yesterday where I was in the middle of a text and the LG screen flashed and then froze, I took the battery out and put it back in and same thing. Now it won’t even turn on, I have been trying to get my pictures off my phone and now I worry I won’t be able to retrieve them. I can’t believe this happened to so many people this week.

  40. I have the same problem and purchased my phone through ebay making me completely screwed for any repairs. I have had so many problems with this phone already both when I got it through at&t nd ebay

  41. What the heck!! So all of our phones just stop working never heard of a phone to not come back on I am heated!

  42. Same issue here just last night. Tried the factory reboot and everything, but it only manages 1 optimized app at a time, and keeps resetting, then dies. So frustrating. I bought my phone 15 months ago almost to the day, so no warranty coverage or manufacturing coverage for me. At&T can do nothing for me, and in order to get a new smart phone I’m required to pay off the remainder in full. I don’t have $300 to drop on that, so I’m pretty s.o.l. rn.

  43. Yep, same issue here. I just physically witness my phone die on my desk right in front me just now and now it won’t start up. If I take the battery out and put it back in, LG splash will come up, but then it just dies again. How is it possible that so many people are all having this issue JUST this week?

  44. Same thing with me. My LG G4 entered the “bootloop” thing on March 3rd, now it won’t turn on at all or take a charge. It’s just dead.

    I’m filing a claim with Asurion (Verizon) and see what happens. Hopefully they waive the deductible because this is a known issue? I was going to get a replacement through the “certified-like-new” program, but my phone has a small crack and they said I’d be charged a $299 fee, so I’m scared to do that. We’ll see what Asurion says.

  45. Phone is now a brick. Awnseri g a text last night screen froze then shut down and can’t reboot

  46. Phone bricked Monday March 6. Got home Tuesday put a new battery in then it did the same thing. this looks like a software issue. The phone will not move past the LG screen and reset will not work.

  47. LG G4 has completely shut off. It started turning on and off two days ago. Now it will not even turn back on. I tried removing the battery and sd card…still no luck. I’ve only had this phone for almost 4 months as I purchased it new from a certified Amazon store. A similar action occurred with my LG G3 about 4 and a half months ago. I don’t know if I’d recommend anyone to get an LG phone!!!

  48. My LG stopped working today. I was texting my son and it went black. Nothing I have tried has worked. Ugh! So frustrated with this phone. I will NEVER buy another LG phone again. The battery is at 60% so it is charged enough to turn on. Now, without a phone really makes me mad……

  49. My phone entered into a boot loop issue on March 3, 2017 while I was heading to the beach and just listening to music on Spotify. Unfortunately for me, my phone was a trooper for 18 months, so I am outside even the extended warranty period. Leaving a reply here to memorialize my issue in case it gets to class action status (which it totally should) and going to sign petitions to make LG pay for this known issue. I am sending it in for a repair, estimated $70-80 cost to replace the motherboard. Cheers to you all, you’re not alone in this frustrating issue.

    P.S. Once you get it repaired, you have a 90-day limited warranty.

  50. Same problem here had phone charging in the car , and when i got to work it was dead. I have tried changing batteries , plugging in different chargers etc. The most i can get out of it is first a 0 % charge screen then it shows the true charge and seems to start booting : after a few seconds it just goes off again.
    If you want to get this far 1. take the battery out , 2. unplug the charger from the wall , 3. plug in the charger to the wall , 4. place battery back in , 5. plug the charger to the phone.
    Once it goes off repeat. I will try to get in by the computer after work. does not seem like a hardware problem if so many are having the same problem at the same time.

  51. Had mine little over a year turned Bluetooth on last night it froze and would notake come back on

  52. My phone got really hot Friday night. I powered off, let it cool down and thought it was the battery. Purchased a new OEM battery but the phone won’t do a factory reset, power up in safe mode or any of the other options. Tried the new battery and that doesn’t work either.

  53. My LG G4 Died on the 1rst as well. Was using it it turned off and wont turn on no charging light nothing its a brick. Since I have the extended warranty I got a replacement but will probably use my jump program with T mobile to switch phones. Really like the LG V20 but very skeptical about owning another LG phone after seeing not only what happend to me but alot of people on the same day I dont believe its coincidence. Im thinking of purchasing a Samsung my husband has had his note 4 going on 3 yrs and its been a great device.

  54. Bought my LGG4 almost 2 years ago, and this morning my phone would not turn on. Went to Best Buy (Canada) and the guy told me my phone was dead. Called LG (available 24 hours 7 days a week) and the customer service agent said it was a Bootloop problem and that LG would cover the hardware repair at no cost. If you are having same issues, give them a call. good luck.

  55. Mine just died about an hour ago. went downstairs to get cereal and came back up to a phone that won’t turn on. Sometimes after I take the battery out it will go to the lg screen but nothing else. This sucks lmao

  56. Same thing happened to me, black screen of death. Contacted LG customer service, if you have a new g4 that you bought less than 1 yr ago or it was manufactured less then 15 months ago contact lgmobilerepair.com and fill out the form. They are sending me a new phone at no cost. Good luck.

  57. I found this statement from LG. but I don’t know who to contact because I bought mine from Amazon. Anyone know?

    Here’s the full statement LG made to Android Authority:

    LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone that has now been identified as resulting from a loose contact between components. Customers who are experiencing booting issues with their LG G4s should contact their local carrier from where the G4 was purchased or a nearby LG Service Center (www.lg.com/common) for repair under full warranty.

    Customers who purchased their G4 devices from non-carrier retailers should contact an LG Service Center with the understanding that warranty conditions will differ. LG Electronics is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to some of our customers who initially received incorrect diagnoses.

    If you have a LG G4 with bootloop problems, you should now be able to get the troublesome connector repaired and get your phone back in working condition. LG confirmed that earlier attempts to fix the problem were misdiagnoses which led to the wrong parts being replaced. With the problem properly identified, it should be smooth sailing for repairs from here on in.

  58. Do you have insurance on your phone? I just sent a claim and guess what — this problem was covered! I still gotta pay the deductible and the replacement is an upgrade. Hmmmm.. known issue, eh.

  59. Mine just died. Won’t load past the LG start screen. Tried two batteries but same result.

  60. my phone also died today… just went to blank screen. had most of a charge. tried everything. It simply will not turn back on. I was using google maps to get to a meeting and the screen simply went to black.. now its just a door stop.

  61. Add me to the list. There was an update from Verizon a few days ago, but it ran perfectly afterwards…but yesterday, it was out of my pocket sitting on a table and it just powered off…it hasn’t been back up since.

  62. Just gonna add to this as mine is also experiencing issues. Like everyone else, I can’t get past the lg logo no matter what I do.

  63. what is happening? my Lg G4 just froze up. tried everything but it will not pass the start up logo 🙁 barely 1 year old.

  64. Like everyone else, mine also died (but it actually died today)! I was charging it (up to 99%), and when I went to check on it, the screen froze, and I shut it down, but when I turned it back on, it wouldn’t move pass the LG screen. It would occasionally go black, then back to the screen, black then back to the screen, and it repeats itself until I lose patience and pull the battery out, or if I wait, it eventually turns off. What the heck is happening? It seems everyone on the comment section is going through the same thing. Why haven’t LG done anything yet?

  65. My LG G4 froze this afternoon. It came on for a couple of minutes and showed it had a 99% charge, then completely froze and is sitting on the black LG screen. Have tried doing a forced restart, have taken the battery out to make sure not dust/dirt and put back in, but it will not restart. This has been a great phone up to this point.

  66. Add my LG on the list. Mine shut off two nights ago and I haven’t been able to turn it back on.

  67. This is the second time my G4 has done this. The first time I did everything it said to try and nothing worked, then I tried it again a little over 12 hours later and it magically turned back on with a nearly full battery. This time all I was doing was texting and no matter what I do it won’t turn back on. WTF??

  68. Having the same issue. LG is not doing anything helpful. Dodging this is only going to hurt them.

  69. I just did a “chat” with LG. I finally resorted to doing a “reset”. Now it doesn’t even go to the LG screen. It is completely dead. I will be happy to call them (from a Verizon Store). Then maybe I can get a new one too. Clearly, this is not because everyone, everywhere, has a spent battery, need to charge phones, dirt, this that or the other. Clearly there is something going on with LG. It sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s a real money maker for LG. I loved this phone but I will not be buying another one. I will also not be telling any more people what a great phone it is. That’s for sure.

  70. UPDATE: I spoke with LG support and they are sending me a replacement phone even though mine is out of warranty by several months. Everything on the phone is lost but at least they’re sending me a new one.

  71. My phone died last night. First it froze on the screen I was looking at. Then it went dark and would no longer turn on. This morning I followed trouble shooting procedures. After taking out my battery to look for debris or damage, I was able to get the phone to vibrate like it does when it is turning on. It went to the LG screen and died soon after that. Obviously it is an issue with LG since there are so many people having the same experience at the same time. These are only the comments from people on this site!!

  72. I called TMobile and they said that LG does software updates and they don’t realize that some of that damages the core of the phone, if you have not backed up any ifo; it’s gone forever and a you must get a new phone.. THANKS a lot LG

  73. what is going on? my phone was charging and it died .. I have done everything that has been suggested and now it won’t go on for nothing.. it’s dead. I have too many things to lose.

  74. I am in Namibia and my LG (brought with me here from America) just froze and then won’t move past the LG start-up screen either! Since Monday evening (27th Feb). Crazy!

  75. mine too.. shut off on the 27th of Feb 2017. wont restart, repair person is finding it hard even after rebooting the OS… weird that most LG G4 are shutting off

  76. And another one bites the dust… bout 9:50pm CST tonight… froze up and then shut off. Cannot get it to reboot… would power on but not move past the LG screen… but now cannot even get it to do that. Tried both of my batteries (one which was still brand new) but nothing. No charging light while plugged in anymore either (however my spare battery charging dock is working). Kind of ironic that so many people have had problems just within the last 24-48 hrs. Will head to US Cell store tomorrow but based off of others posts- it’s not looking like it’s going to be a good trip 🙁

  77. mine just quit.nothing.tried everything .march 1st 2017.not even a year old.will never buy another one.

  78. I dnt know why the g4 has that issue of dieing , mine is also dead just after using it for less than a month , its just a waste of money ..

  79. Hello. Mine died today 3/1/2017 around 7.50 am. shortly after unplugging the phone from the charger. Battery fully charged. So many phones dying today appears to be no coincidence. I tried to factory reboot and all the steps above and nothing works. The phone is not charging either. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

  80. Mine vibrated a lot before turning off, it was on 33% so there’s really no reason for it to shut down. Guess I won’t be buying LG again

  81. Add another one to the list. Went to check it today and it was dead, cannot get it to turn on. Tried swapping batteries with a friend who had a known good, charged battery, did not help. No charging light when plugged in. I did notice it seemed to act sluggish yesterday, and several apps would not run correctly, or at all.

  82. Mine has just died 27 Feb 2017. What’s going on!!!!!!!!
    Tried it all to get it back working and I got nothing

  83. Mine just turned off on me 6hrs ago, wont turn on, can’t get to the recovery screen, both options didn’t work for me. Need help.

  84. Mine froze today and now of course won’t boot after a battery pull… Why are so many peoples’ phones dying today?!?!? Anyone have any info on this from another site?

  85. Mine just crashed completely too. It stays locked on the power screen and does nothing. I took it to my cellphone carrier and they said there was nothing they could do. I see quite a few all in one day with the same problem. This is pretty peculiar.

  86. another LG G4, same issue – just turned itself off, not turning on. Feb 27
    I was walking inside the store, puled my phone out to check the time, and it was off……

  87. My LG G4 died last night too. I managed to get it on by removing the battery & holding down the power button for 30 seconds. After replacing the battery it started & everything looked good for a minute now its trying to start, then dies again.

  88. Mine just died on me. I can see I’m not the only person that had the lg g4 crash on me, any idea if there was an update last night?

  89. My lg g4 has automatically shut off of a sudden and there is no way I can figure out out why ? … and it wont turn on !

  90. my lg 4 crashed today and it wont power up longer than 30 seconds even when loading the facorty reset anything else i can do myself there are no repair stores within 100 miles of me

  91. Big problem with g4 and no support moved back to Samsung more reliable and reliability is the most important thing

  92. In most cases, the logic board needs to be replaced. This is not difficult to do, but logic boards are fairly expensive. If you can get another LG G4 cheap because the screen is broken, you can transfer its logic board into the phone experiencing the boot loop, and the problem is solved.

  93. I had this issue and could not even get it to do the factory reset. Took it in to sprint and was told it is a known issue, it is a lease phone so they will replace it at no cost. I was told that while LG is aware of this problem they are not fixing it.

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