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How to Fix Your LG G4 that won’t Turn on or Boot Up

LG phones are some of the best products on the market – but no company is immune to technical foibles. But, unfortunately, the consumer level, a phone that will not turn on properly boot up is pretty worthless. You may be experiencing this problem if you’re phone does not turn on, or starts and then shuts off.

Luckily, if you are experiencing this problem with your LG G4 phone, there’s a solution – and you can have your phone up and running again a no time.

Always remember that if your phone is damaged or the body of the phone is physically broken, the best option is always to make an appointment at the retail location where you purchased your phone, or a retail location for your carrier that sells LG G4’s.

If your LG G4 won’t turn on, simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect the charger that came with your LG G4 into your phone and an applicable wall socket. Wait several minutes, and then attempt to turn on your phone.
  2. If that does not work, inspect your phone to make sure neither the charger or your bad report are damaged. Inspect the back of the phone to check for any overheating issues. Make sure that no dirt for other debris is stuck inside the charting port. Do the same once you remove the battery from the back phone. Dirt and debris may find its way under the battery and cause issues with the phone.
  3. Next, if your phone will still not turn on by itself, attempt a forced restart. Press and hold the power keeper 30 seconds. Once the phone begins to turn on, you can release the power key. Afterwards, always be sure to verify that your phone is running the most recent software. You can do this by checking for software updates from your settings menu. If not, install any and all updates. These are released to ensure your phone’s maximum efficiency.
  4. If you still experience trouble, you can perform a hardware factory reset via an LG dealer or a carrier retail location that specializes in LG phones. Beware that a hardware factory reset will erase everything on your phone that did not come pre-installed – and the data will be permanently lost.
    • make sure device is off (you can simply remove the battery then put it back in)
    • press and hold the volume down button and the power key simultaneously for a couple seconds then release, Android System recovery screen should appear
    • scroll down by pressing the volume down key to wipe data/factory reset and press power key to select
    • scroll down again by pressing volume down key to yes and press the power button
      after data is wiped, press the power key to reboot
  5. master reboot should initiate and your phone should be back to original factory settings
    When in doubt, always make an appointment with an LG dealer or a retail location specializing in LG phones. Today, consumers need their phones more than ever. Make sure that your phone is healthy and functional by following these simple steps.


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  1. Big problem with g4 and no support moved back to Samsung more reliable and reliability is the most important thing

  2. In most cases, the logic board needs to be replaced. This is not difficult to do, but logic boards are fairly expensive. If you can get another LG G4 cheap because the screen is broken, you can transfer its logic board into the phone experiencing the boot loop, and the problem is solved.

  3. I had this issue and could not even get it to do the factory reset. Took it in to sprint and was told it is a known issue, it is a lease phone so they will replace it at no cost. I was told that while LG is aware of this problem they are not fixing it.

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