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New image taken from the HTC One M10 surfaces online

HTC One M10 - Camera Sample

The #HTC #OneM10 is probably going to be unveiled sometime in April. But before that happens, we’re bound to encounter a few dozen leaks of the smartphone, showing us exactly what to expect. According to a new leak, the camera on the smartphone might be nothing to write home about.

Yes, we’ve just encountered a camera sample that was supposedly taken from the One M10. At this point, it’s still too early to confirm the legitimacy of this leak, so we suggest you take this particular report with a pinch of salt.

As you can see from the image above, there really aren’t a lot of positives there. The environment could be blamed for that, but if this is indeed taken from the One M10 camera, we have very little reason to be excited, at least from a camera perspective. But as we mentioned above, it would be too early to judge the performance of the handset’s camera going by this image alone. So it would probably be wise to wait a bit before jumping to conclusions.

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Source: TechTastic.nl – Translated

Via: Phandroid


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  1. We figured this was worthy of being covered since it seemed like a leak (at least at the time of the writing). Also, I’ve made it abundantly clear in the article that this might not be the real thing.

    Anyway, it seemed like something that could be of interest to our readers. So naturally, I went ahead and covered it.

  2. Why are you reposting this? Phandroid’s own post was suspect and they weren’t even certain of the shot’s origin? It’s nothing more than clickbait if you don’t use some editorial judgment.

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