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Latest HTC 10 teaser focuses on the camera

HTC 10 Camera

#HTC has posted multiple teasers of its upcoming flagship, with a recent leak giving us a comprehensive look at the design of the handset. The company is continuing its streak of posting teasers with the new one talking about the camera credentials of the smartphone. The teaser is pretty simple really and doesn’t tell us a lot, but the corresponding tweet does have information, albeit relatively vague.

It’s clear that the company is going to focus on the camera aspect of the smartphone yet again, although it’s not clear as to what direction the company is taking this time around.

In 2014, we saw the One M8 and the Duo Camera setup on the device which managed to impress the customers. The company toned it down to a great extent with the One M9 last year, although it was far from impressive, especially in comparison to the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge that were released at about the same time.

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Source: @htc – Twitter

Via: Android Central

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  1. On the new HTC ONE M10. What happened to the speakers? I would say that was the #1 reason why I selected the HTC ONE M8. It’s one of the phones that you can hear on speaker phone. I have so many friends that have a different phones, but they can’t hear through the speakers. So HTC designed the new phone to be just like the other phones out there. HTC ONE M8 had a great thing going, and had to mess it up by taking the speakers off the new flagship product. What a shame. I guess that I will keep my HTC ONE M8 instead of down grading to the new and improved M10 without NO SPEAKERS.

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