Google Play Store to soon get a Family Payment Method

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The #Google #PlayStore could soon receive a new Family Payment Method feature which would allow members of the family to make purchases within the Play Store without having to worry about taking out their credit card each time. Google’s Play Store support page has detailed these changes and mentioned how it works as well.

It is said that the manager of the family or the creator of the account will be responsible for all the purchases made by members of the group. In-app purchases however will be turned off by default and members will need the approval of the manager before going forward. Users in the group can only make purchases within the Play Store.

When one of the family members is looking to purchase an app, they get to select between family payment method or choose to pay from their credit/debit card. So it’s not mandatory to pay via the Family Payment Method each time.

It’s not clear as to when this feature will go live and it seems like Google has jumped the gun on this one and mentioned it on the support page already. Keeping this in mind, the feature should be official very soon.

Google hasn’t mentioned if there will be a limit to the members on the Family Payment Method, although that shouldn’t be a concern as this is not a subscription service.

I personally find this idea quite interesting. What’s your take?

Source: Google Play Support

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  1. Kind of like Family Sharing on the Apple iOS/Mac ecosystem, yeah. But I think app or any other content bought on the Play Store through the Family Payment Method is limited to the person who bought it, for the reason you listed out above (multi-user licenses).

    As for a customer having multiple devices, the email account (used with the Play Store) remains the same, so the licensing issue doesn’t arise there. Although I hope to get more clarification on this from Google.

  2. I’ve been searching for one piece of important information, which I have, so far, been unable to find. The idea behind the Family Payment Method sounds great, as does the dual refund option (either the person who made the purchase, OR the account manager, can request the refund). The question I have, and have been looking for an answer to, is this:

    Purchases made the original/traditional way would only be install-able by the individual who purchased it, but what about purchases made through the Family Payment Method? Can they still only be installed on the purchasers device(s), or can they be installed on any/all “family member” devices?

    For purchases made via the Family Payment Method, it would appear logical for said apps/books/music/etc to be install-able on any “family member” devices. Obviously, apps purchased via this method (if they could be installed on any/all “family member” devices) could cost somewhat more (similar to pricing differences between desktop software with single-user, 3-user, 5-user, etc licenses) than individual-user (ie. the “traditional/original” payment method) apps, but I don’t see higher pricing as a requirement/necessity, purely due to the fact that, as an individual user with multiple Android devices, I can already install a purchased app on a single device, or all of my Android devices.

    Has anyone else found any information related to this, and, if so, what has been found. Inquiring minds want to know……….

    as for purchases made through the Family Payment Method, the app, once paid for, should be able to be installed by any/all members of the “family”

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