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Google starts removing Cardboard apps from the Play Store

Google Cardboard

#GoogleCardboard has been very popular and an easy to use tool for those who want to get started with the basics of VR. And given the open nature of the platform, there are several apps out there that serve as #Cardboard compatible apps. But Google has started cracking the whip on those apps as it owns the trademark for the Cardboard moniker.

So if you have a VR related app on the Play Store with the name Cardboard affixed, it will be gone from the Play Store for good until you make changes to the name. We’re not surprised with this move as the Mountain View giant did something similar with apps that had the Android moniker some time ago.

Virtual reality is at the forefront of Google’s future projects and it will be interesting to see where it takes us in the days to come. For now, there are thousands of apps out there that let you enjoy VR content without requiring expensive hardware from major companies like Samsung, Oculus etc.

Source: Variety

Via: Android Headlines

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  1. To help this backfire on Google I strongly recommend that all publications, web and app developers substitute the terms “AndroidVR” for “Cardboard” or “Google Cardboard” everywhere they appear. This arena has far outgrown Google anyway. Turn their heavy hand back on them by killing all the free publicity and advertising they are currently enjoying. If they want it so bad, let them have it.

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