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Pricing of the OnePlus 2 revealed to be under $450

OnePlus 2

The CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau has today given us our very first word on the pricing of the OnePlus 2. According to his Google+ post, the smartphone will be priced lower than $450, which is quite impressive given what we’ve heard about the smartphone so far.

For those unaware about the myriad of revelations made by the company over the past few weeks, the OnePlus 2 is expected to be packing a Snapdragon 810 (v2.1) SoC, a USB Type-C connector and a fingerprint scanner on board. It is also expected that the device will sport a Quad HD display, making it a very capable device, both in terms of pricing and hardware.

Lau didn’t clarify if the pricing was for the entry level model of the OnePlus 2 or the high end variant, but either way, it’s good to see that the company has managed to set a very competitive pricing, given the amount of upgrades there are compared to the predecessor.

Do you think the $450 pricing is justified for the OnePlus 2? Sound off below.

Source: Google+

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  1. I sure do if it’s very fast and has a very good camera, among other things, of course. Otherwise, it’s worth $200, like the rest of them.

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