AT&T increasing upgrade fees and charging activation fee for new customers of the NEXT plans

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In a time when carriers are striving to get more customers on their network, it almost seems like AT&T has the whole idea backwards. The carrier has announced that it will soon start charging $45 for upgrading customers, which is a $5 increase from the old rates.

Further, if you’re looking to sign up on AT&T NEXT or bring your own device to the network, the company will ask you to shell out an additional $15 as activation fees which didn’t exist previously. So clearly, if you’re a customer on AT&T, you’re bound to shell out a lot more money than usual. The company hasn’t given an explanation as to why the fees are being increased or added in the first place, but it could result in a public backlash over the coming weeks.

For now though, the old plans and prices remain intact as these changes will only come into affect on the 1st of August. What do you make of these new fees that AT&T wants its customers to pay?

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  1. Narrow thinking for short term gain. This “Bummer” is destined to fail! There are too many alternatives out there.

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